Monday, June 13, 2011

Today is our wedding anniversary! We are celebrating 2 years of marriage, although we have been together a lot longer, 8 years to be precise. Which is why, it feels like we have been married a lot longer than 2 years! ( I make sure to tell people we have been together for 8 years, because hey! I want the credit :)

We took advantage of celebrating our anniversary the entire weekend!
Saturday, we spent the afternoon exploring the Virginia Beach Aquarium. We had a great time, there was so  much to see! Komodo dragons, seals, sea otters, turtles, tropical fish, sharks, birds and so much more! 
Mr. Turtle

This little guy was my favorite! He was very protective over his sea anemone.

Our good friend David joined in on the fun. Don't you just love the 3D look!


Friday night David joined us for a cookout at home. Our menu consisted of crackers with brie and an olive assortment for appetizers, Yum! Chicken and steak kabobs, asparagus, & corn all grilled on our wonderfully classic Weber grill! It was absolutely mouth watering!
Sunday evening Chris surprised me with dinner reservations to a great local Italian restaurant. We wined and dined and enjoyed every minute of it, reminiscing about the past 2 years, and dreaming of the many years to come. 


Happy Anniversary Chris! I love you!

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  1. So happy you're blogging! Happy anniversary!