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Thursday, June 23, 2011

This is our beautiful rental home that we have been living in since we moved to Virginia Beach in March. Isn't it gorgeous! Inside is even better! Fully furnished with beautiful, yet comfy furniture, this home has been such a wonderful place to stay while we got acquainted with the area & searched for a new home to buy.
 The house wasn't totally vacant, two little furry brown bunnies live here. These cute little companions reside over the back yard, and expect their breakfast served early in the morning. The back porch is not only a gathering for the bunnies, but birds of all kinds as well. I have seen Robins, Cardinals, Finches, & even a mouse :) I have to admit, I have felt a little like Snow White, with all my furry forest creatures greeting me daily on my back porch. It has been a joy to share the house & yard with these two bunnies, I know we will miss them, especially Lucy!
Lucy loves the bunny brothers!

Its a little dark, but do you see the 2 furry bunny brothers in the grass?

Hiding under the porch
The owners, Mr. & Mrs. Johnson, have been such a blessing. They rented out their beautiful home to us & without them I would not have met their daughter, an awesome Realtor, for whom I now work for :) Their entire family is an inspiration, even through difficult times they keep faith in God and focus on what is most important in life, family.

So thank you Mr. & Mrs. Johnson  & JoAnne Evangelista, you have made our transition to Virginia Beach a wonderful experience.  I hope that even after we have moved out of your home we will stay in your lives.
Chris, Katie & Lucy Stroud

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  1. You have been a blessing in my life, Katie! My work stess has decreased so much since you began helping me at work, and as you learn more and more about the real estate biz, my job will continue to get easier and more enjoyable... The Stroud's decision to move to VB has been a mutually beneficial and welcome crossing of paths... Love you... xx

    Bunny Bros are gonna miss you three!