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Saturday, July 16, 2011

 Chris & I both feel that traveling is one of the greatest joys of life! We love going someplace new and experience the culture together. It makes for great memories, and creates a special bond between travelers. So when we got married we made it a priority to try and travel together at least once a year. Unfortunately this year with moving from North Carolina to Virginia, buying a house & both starting new jobs, our schedules as well as budget may not allow for us to travel to a new destination. So for now I have to live vicariously through my friends, and pictures from past travels. I have recently been favoring my album from our vacation to Florida last year. Here are a few pics that highlight our trip to the wonderful world of Walt Disney!
Welcome to Walt Disney!

Parade, followed by fireworks!


Port Orleans Riverside Resort

Downtown Disney

Animal Kingdom

Baby Giraffe we saw on our safari in Animal Kingdom

A real German beer in "Germany" at Epcot

Dinner at Flying Fish, at the Disney Boardwalk

Can't go to Disney and not have a turkey leg!?!

 What a fabulous trip it was! We ate fabulous dinners at some of  Disney's best restaurants, explored all four Disney parks: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, & Hollywood Studios, as well as Downtown Disney & the Disney Boardwalk. We rode rides that made us laugh, smile, scream & some that even made us a little woozy. Going in the middle of July was definitely an experience, we sweated our butts off! But we survived, a lesson learned for when we return. Hopefully the next time we visit we will have little Strouds to join us. It was a trip of a lifetime, and one that we will always cherish.

So what are your favorite vacations? And where are you traveling to this summer?

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  1. You can definitely live vicariously through me this year :) I will go out on a limb and say that our upcoming trip to Jamaica will be my favorite trip! However, I would love to go on a cruise with my besties next summer....we should look into that and start planning somewhat soon! The sooner we plan the cheaper it may be!

    <3 you! -Jessica