Friday, August 19, 2011

I have lived in Virginia Beach for a little over 5 months now,  not to say there haven't been difficult days(weeks), but this new city is starting to feel more & more like home. A North Carolina girl born & bread, making the leap over the border to Virginia has been the biggest change in my life, thus far. Leaving my job & friends that I loved dearly was a hard change, there is still sadness in my heart from leaving them...

Being a creature of habit, I do not do so well with change, but one of the most important things I have learned this year is change is the only constant in life! So, I am taking each day as it comes & finding the positives in everything, even change!

Not only have I changed locations, homes, jobs my taste in music & food has changed as well!! I am now a lover of 70's & 80's rock music!! I am addicted to Journey, Queen, the Eagels, Areosmith & more! I cannot get enough mushrooms, tomatoes, & jalepenos, all foods I used to turn my nose to!
Taking a lesson from these beautiful butterflies, I will find joy in change!

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