The Farm

Thursday, August 4, 2011

When I was younger, my parents purchased a piece of land off the island, "the farm". It has no animals, other than our own dogs that we take to walk there. My Dad has built a few small buildings out there, mostly to house our accumulation of earthly possessions, collected throughout my parents 50 years of living. My Mom has a beautiful flower garden, and in years past we have grown our fair share of watermelons, peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers in our vegetable garden. During my visits home we take the dogs out for walks in the evenings.
The other evening was pretty pleasant, as nice as August can be. We walked around the farm looking at the flowers, and picking fruit off of the fruit trees. 

Dad with an armful of pears!

 Our grape vines have produced a lot of fruit this year! And the grapes have the perfect mixture of tartness & sweetness that you love from grapes. Nothing like picking fruit off the vine and eating it right then and there!!
Mom & Dad enjoying the grapes

My brother, Andrew, with a mouthful of grapes.
I cherish times like these, in our technology driven culture, it is good to remember & enjoy the simplistic things in life. Walking the dogs, eating fruit from the tree, & laughing with the ones you love.

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