Hometown Happiness

Monday, August 1, 2011

I am spending the week at the place I called home for over 20 years, Emerald Isle. It is a small island on the Crystal coast nestled between the Atlantic ocean and the Intercoastal waterway. My parents live here in a big beautiful house near the sound. I have come to appreciate and love my hometown even more now that I live in a big city. Driving over the big bridge to the island, my heart swells with pride, knowing so many people come here to vacation & I will always be able to call this place home.

So my plans for the rest of week are as follows: spend days in the sun & evenings relaxing at home, savor the home cooked meals made by my Mom, ride my bike to get around town, play games & watch movies with my little brother, and treasure each moment with my family here on Emerald Isle.

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