Empire State of Mind

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lately I have had this aching desire to travel to New York City. Sadly, I have never been to "the city that never sleeps", and I am just dying for a taste of city life. Especially in the Fall, New York seems like the perfect setting for a getaway.
 When I head to the big city, I will try to see all the touristy things & places that make it  famous.  On my New York list: Central Park, Times Square, Statue of Liberty, & the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  You know me, so of course shopping is a must!  As well as see a play on Broadway, eat a NY slice of pizza, & wave hello to friends & family from the TODAY show out on the plaza!
I want to experience the hustle & bustle and night life of this amazing city. I want to ride in a New York Taxi, and walk blocks & blocks just to see what it feels like to be a New Yorker. All very cliche I know, but I am dying to have the quintessential New York experience...
Have you been to the city that never sleeps? And what are your favorite things to do there??

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