Thursday, September 29, 2011

I know who I got my love & compassion for animals from.......my Mom.  She is the woman you see who stops her car to help a turtle cross the road, & who will feel all 5 of our neighborhood cats, yes...5.  Ever since I was little we have always had pets.  Dogs, cats, hamsters, birds.  Honestly I cannot  remember a time in my life when we did not own a pet.  I know she is the coolest preschool teacher at work, with her frogs, hamster, & fish.  And in the last moth my she added a new member to the household.  A baby squirrel named, Irene. 

My Mom found the squirrel, after Hurricane Irene passed through, thus the squirrels name, aren't we creative. Since then my Mom has been nursing the baby squirrel back to life.


Irene is getting bigger and bigger each day.  She graduated from a shoebox to a full fledge cage.  And now she is starting to eat apples, cheerios, & nuts.  Once she is big enough & weened from the milk we will let her go.  But for now, she is a fun addition to our crazy family!

 Please excuse the crappiness of the pictures....where is my Cannon??

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