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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Have you ever been to The Fresh Market?  It is one of my favorite places to go even if I am just browsing.  You walk in smelling a mixture of fresh flowers and  hot brewed coffee, while an entire world of organic, fresh foods await!!

The produce is extremely fresh, looking like it was just picked off the farm.  And the meat counter is filled with the prettiest beef, poultry, pork, & seafood; simply mouthwatering!

They have an olive bar, a coffee grinding station, a beautifully stocked deli, a "make your own peanut butter" station, a vast array of different cheeses,  tables upon tables of freshly baked breads, muffins, & pastries, and my hunny's favorite, a sushi bar!

 A wide variety of mixed nuts, dried fruits, and trail mixes.  A healthy girls dream!

 But then I tend to wander more towards the dessert counter and drool over the old fashioned candy!  They know my weak spot!

 Every so often they have wine tastings, I feel so sophisticated sampling different reds & whites from around the world!

During holiday's they definitely go all out!  I found Vampire Wine, anything & everything pumpkin, and a huge display of Halloween candy.  So festive!

 Chris & I go every once and a while, shopping there mostly on special occasions.  But I sometimes go just for the free coffee & samples.  And I'm sure shoppers thought "the girl taking pictures with her iphone" was completely nuts! :) 

I hope this post leaves your mouth watering and senses awakened; so go ahead and find your local Fresh Market and have your own fabulously Fresh experience! 

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  1. I love Fresh Market! Taylor and I decided to pop in to pick up some dessert after having dinner out a few weeks ago... Everything we got was so delicious, and it reminded me of being in NYC with my mom and picking up cannolis and other treats at the bakeries in Little Italy before heading back to the hotel. :)