Baby its cold......inside

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So it is the last day of November and we still don't have heat in our house.  Yes, you heard me heat!  A month long saga of figuring out that our gas was turned off......duh......Having someone come turn it on, him telling us something is still wrong, more guys coming to look at it, and yep, we need a new motor.  That brings us to this point; the engine had to be ordered (of course!) so we are eagerly anticipating its arrival and installation.  All the while we are freezing our cute little butts off! So I hope for the sake of our company that will be visiting us this weekend & my ice cold tootsies that the motor arrives asap!

Not to say keeping a hot mug of tea with me at all times, devouring yummy comfort foods, wearing big comfy sweaters, and cuddling up with my hunny & my sweet pup hasn't been enjoyable.....

Oh, and did you notice?  Life as We know it has a new look, what do you think?  A little more professional & sophisticated, if I do say so myself.  But I am having a little issue* fitting borders around my pictures, so if any of my tech savvy blogger friends could help me out I would be forever grateful.

*such a blogger amateur 

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