Island Time

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I spent the majority of this past week in Emerald Isle at my parent's house.  Its funny to me that no matter where I am in life, going home always eases my troubles away.  What is it about Mom & Dad's house that provides peace and comfort when the rest of the world seems so bleak? 

Confiding in my Mom & Dad, warming my soul with good food & hot tea, taking long walks with the dogs, peering out onto the calm sound, and laughing & joking with my brothers was just what I needed...

Dog activites
Brothers grilling dinner
Andrew roasting a mallow
What a view!
Spending a week in this sleepy coastal town was just what the doctor ordered.

Now that I am back at my home in Virginia I feel rejuvinated and filled with wisdom from my parents.  Thankful for the abundant blessings that the Lord has given me & the comfort in knowing God's plan for my life is even greater than I can imagine....

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  1. Love this post! I agree, 100%.

    P.S. you should not be taking pictures while you drive over the EI bridge ;)