Sunday, November 13, 2011

I am a true girly girl.  My toe nails are always painted, I wear makeup everyday, shopping is my favorite pastime, and I will get dressed up for any occasion!  But, I am also a HUGE college basketball fan.  Being from North Carolina, there are so many great teams, but I am a tried & true DUKE Blue Devil fan!!  
I watch every game, wear Duke blue on game days, & will even root against my husband's Alma mater, NC State. We take our college basketball very seriously in North Carolina, November through April is game time baby! (said in a Dicky V voice ;) 

This weekend is the start of college basketball, so whoever your team is, Good Luck and have a fabulous season!

 Go Duke!!

Oh, and a little more about us North Carolinian's and our basketball......
Can you guess where I fall??

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