Bad Christmas Shopper

Friday, December 9, 2011

Only 15 more shopping days until Christmas!  Eeekk!  And I have only just begun.  What kind of Christmas shopper are you?  Do you start in October? July??  Are you done by Thanksgiving?  Or are you out there at 5 o'clock on Christmas Eve, shopping til the last minute?  That's my Mom & Dad, they start Christmas shopping on December 20th, not kidding.  But they always seem to get it done, I think they secretly like the excitement & stress of last minute shopping.  Crazy, I know.   And here I am, a 24 year old woman, on her own, developing her own traditions, and what do I do....revert to my crazy parents bad habits.  Yes, I must admit I am a last minute shopper too. 

So I may do a little Christmas shopping this weekend, or I may put it off a little longer!  I've got 15 days right!?!

Anywho... Happy Friday!  Enjoy your holiday parties, your eggnog sipping & Christmas music listening!!


  1. I am not a great gift giver, so unless I have a specific wish list from my family, I usually put off the shopping! (My goodness, is Christmas really coming up that quickly?)

  2. I always put it off because I hate keeping it a secret!! As soon as I buy gifts I'm ready to give them. It's terrible...