Stocking Stuffer Idea....for next year

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Yes, Christmas is over...but the Holiday posts keep on coming! This is the last one, I promise...well maybe.  One of my favorite pastimes on Christmas morning is opening up my stocking.  Mom & Dad have always been pretty great at stuffing those stockings with great finds. They normally include the basics: socks, fruit, candy, gum, but there is always a special treat in there too. This year my Dad put the neatness thing in our stockings, and I just had to share this great idea with you!

Popping out of our family* stocking was this......
 A pill bottle....and found this inside.
Note reads: 
For Katie, Prescribed By: David Turner (Dad)
For Fun : Use as much as you can, Morning, Noon, & Night
Side Effects: Sadness after it is gone

Pretty great idea, huh!?!  My Dad is pretty clever, he found a way to recycle those old pill bottles & surprise us with a generous gift.

Thanks again Mom & Dad for a wonderful Christmas. We love you!

*Chris, Lucy & I get one big stocking, another great idea from the parentals!

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