tis the season...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

For hanging your favorite dog chewed ornaments as well as the Christmas pickle.....

For evenings lounging by the Christmas tree with that favorite Pandora station and holiday candle as company...

For poinsettias galore....

For Holiday parties and evenings with friends accompanied by a little too much "eggnog"....

For jingle bell rockin around the house, in your fuzzy socks and flannel pajamas....

For a cruise down the boardwalk with friends....

For watching any A Christmas Carol movie that's on, but secretly favoring the Muppet rendition.....

For covering your kitchen in flour, frosting, and peppermints....


 For procrastination......

seasons greetings!!

the last of the leaves

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

that one tree that is still holding onto Fall, I love her. 


Mountain essentials

Monday, December 10, 2012

Oh yeah! about that trip to the mountains.....

The first weekend in November we packed the up the truck and loaded it full with grocery bags, hats, scarves, long underwear, wine, helmets, boots, a motorcycle, two mountain lovers, and one excited corgi; then made our way from Virginia Beach to the mountains of North Carolina. 

Our lakeside cabin was situated atop a mountain, in a small town a few miles outside of Boone, NC.  In my overly excited, slightly delusional, leaf-lovin heart the plan was to:  frolic joyfully in the beauty that are fall leaves, look out from the Blue Ridge Parkway onto a sea of majestic reds, yellows, and oranges, and cruise the parkway on the motorcycle basking in the crisp air and leaves that were to fall like rain......

But as we road up the mountain in our truck filled to the brim with motorcycle in tow, our eyes saw sweet branches adorned not with leaves, but snow.  ha Ha HA.  The best laid plans...or something like that.  But in no way did I let a little snow get me down! I just traded my leaf jumping shoes for snow boots! {figuratively speaking..I don't own snow boots...}

It was an amazing trip after-all, splitting our time between the cabin, the quaint little town of Blowing Rock, and the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The hot tub and fireplace were our favorite cabin spots, while Lucy enjoyed barking at nearby deer and romping in the snow around the lake.  And other than mid-afternoon trips to the coffee shop and dinner & drinks at a local Irish pub we ate mainly at the cabin.  Rustic comfort foods like, chili, sausage gravy, olives, wine, and cheese....well maybe rustic isn't the best word.....

The snow melted quickly with temperatures not staying below freezing for long.  The parkway opened back up and I can only describe my experience as one of the best of my life.   I will be going back someday, hopefully with little Strouds in tow and beautiful leaves to frolic in. 

Silly enough, out of a handful of favorite moments, mine might be when we stopped by a roadside stand on a whim and bought armfuls of pickled peaches, olives, cheese curds, spiced cider, and apple butter all delicious North Carolina mountain essentials; and for the long ride home: boiled peanuts, beef jerky and glass bottled sodas.  I'm a simple southern girl, just buy me a glass bottle soda and some boiled peanuts and I'm as happy as clam.


on my mind....

Thursday, December 6, 2012

same spot, same mug, full of warm tea
quiet streets, quite house, but my mind is so loud
thoughts, dreams, aspirations, questions.
who am I/what am I doing/where am I going/why/
questions. the comforting thing is we all have them.
pause. my mind goes blank. unfocused, fuzzy, confused

I love adjectives, probably way too much.
and I've always loved to write
when I was ten that's what I wanted to be when "I grew up"
either that or a teacher, or a nurse, or a waitress...
my "grown-up" self still has the uncertainty of that ten year old girl
hold on to whatever you find, baby
hold on to whatever will get you through
persistence, just keep swimming.

goofy, inexcusable joy, pure happiness
that singing off tune, giddy dancing-around-the-house happy,
purely just because.
I wish I could bottle that happiness up and save it for a rainy day
a time when I feel alone, and a cup of tea just won't turn it around.
life is funny, she serves up some pretty wild things sometimes...

under my skin
those snide remarks, unthoughtful words
that slip so freely from lips
cursed with a good memory and bitterness to hold onto the bad
reciting mantra's, tea, and running shoes normally help
too sensitive, but that doesn't seem to ease the hurt
there must be a lesson in there somehow....

scared of committing, forever coined as "wishy washy"
but desperately feeling the need to define myself
for no one but myself.
ready for something scary, permanent,
like the ink of a tattoo
everlasting, marked, defined

can you live with it forever?


jumbled thoughts from different days
working through it, therapeutic writing
it's like seeing a therapist, but she doesn't charge as much...
as always 
thanks for listening

from the weekend

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lots of pictures with our favorite, four-legged model this weekend.  Picking out a Christmas tree always brings a smile to our face, as well as spending time with friends.  Oysters were eaten and fun was had.  Success in our book.