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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

You all know that I simply loveeee the Fresh Market.   I made a trip there this week; had a leisurely stroll, enjoyed some free coffee, & picked up a few essentials....
My purchases included: a fabulous bottle of  Francis Coppola's Cabernet Sauvignon, TFM organic marinara sauce (for tonight's dinner), Republic of Tea: blueberry green tea, Charleston Favorites stone ground grits*,  TFM chocolate chunk cookies, & a Figi water (obviously to wash down that cookie I devoured right as I got in the car, seriously who can wait till they get home?!)

Ok, well maybe essentials is a bit of a stretch....But TFM has the most delicious cookies, and a such a wide variety of tea's; and most importantly this is the only place where I can find stone ground grits!

Valentine's Day is the next holiday on the agenda so the store was decked out with chocolates, candy hearts, & flowers galore.
Once again, I was the nut taking pictures while the rest of the "normal" customers shopped, but that's ok, I had a wonderful time.  The Fresh Market is always such a pleasant & enjoyable shopping experience. (And no, I am not paid to endorse their store, I just truly love TFM.)

*Seriously, these grits are to die for.  They are the real deal, you have to wash, drain & add fresh water before cooking & it will take a while for them to cook.  But they are the best. grits. ever.  Chris & I have become grit snobs since eating these, no more of that instant mess. 

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  1. 1. Don't feel weird I have taken pictures many a times in trader joes and fresh market...LOVE THEM BOTH!

    2. Love them so much so that if I am down Ben suggests a trip to TFM to get my spirits up.

    3. You should have taken home a bouquet of peonies for your kitchen table.