Weekend Recap

Monday, January 23, 2012

I hope you all had a perfectly relaxing weekend.  We sure did!  Honestly, we didn't do a whole lot,  but sometimes not doing much of anything, can be even greater than doing a lot of somethings.  But we did manage to get a second coat of paint up in our media room* & have a little Birthday celebration for our Lucy girl;  but other than that, we did a whole lot of eating, drinking, movie watching, and lounging on the couch.

Saturday night's dinner was a tray of cheese, crackers, meats, olives, & pickles; accompanied by a nice cold glass of beer*. Sunday morning I made a big breakfast to power us through our painting :pancakes, bacon,  eggs over easy, & some delicious bloody marry's. We spent the rest of the afternoon covering ourselves & the walls in paint.  What do you think of the color?!  Sunday night we had beef stew while watching the NFL playoffs (was anybody else as dissapointed about the outcome, as I was?)

Anywho, truly a wonderful weekend! But please don't think of us as lazy, gluttonous, drinkers....even though that is pretty much what our weekend consisted of!

*It will be our media room, right now it is filled with paint, bikes, & kite boarding equipment.
**I'm still a classy Southern lady, but I do like a nice cold beer every once in a while...

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  1. breakfast looks amazing! this is exactly what weekends are for!