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Monday, February 20, 2012

Its pretty much inevitable when your husband has a nasty sickness, the sweet innocent wife will indefinitely end up getting it too.   That's the funny thing about marriage, you share almost everything, even germs.   So yes, this is day 5, I repeat, day 5 of me feeling pretty icky, but Chris is feeling better, thank goodness (notice the hint of sarcasm).  Our weekend was busy, and spending 4 hours out & about during a rainy/cold day yesterday was probably definitely not the best idea.   But today I declared that this would be my last sick day, and tomorrow I would wake up better, rested, & full of energy (here's hoping) because this little lady has a race to train for & a life to get back to!   So with cough drops in hand,  orange juice by my side, & a big bowl of the best homemade chex mix ever, I am undoubtedly on the road to recovery, whether this sickness likes it or not.

While cuddling on the couch today with my sweet Lucy girl, I watched two of my favorite movies,  You've Got Mail and Julie & Julia.   I mean who doesn't loveeeeee Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks.  Every scene is great, and even though I've seen it hundreds of times, I still love to watch them fall in love over & over again.  And Julie & Julia, combines two of my favorite things, food & blogging!!   Meryl Strep as Julia Child is simply priceless, and Amy Adams is the cutest blogger ever.  Both women "saved" by food.  If you haven't seen these movies, please do so,  the're great, and just what the doctor ordered for this feel better day.

 Happy Monday! 

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