Red weekend

Monday, February 6, 2012

Morning kittens!  How was your weekend?  Ours was lazy, productive, & fun all at the same time.  Oh, and how about that Superbowl, ie: excuse for eating chips, dips, wings, & chili like a pig.  Unlike most girls, I kinda like football, but as you know, college basketball is my thaaang; thus my favorite part about the superbowl is the fact that football season is officially over and we can move right along to March Madness! Go Duke!

Anywhoo, I know you're just dying to see our pics from the weekend.......
Friday night Chris & I went on a date to the the Yard House ( I really need him to start taking pics of what I wore, it was cute!). We had a great time laughing, talking and eating(and drinking...duhhh) delicious food.  That spicy tuna roll, was off the chain. 
Saturday was lazy.  Breakfast for lunch, because we didn't wake up until ten!*  I made buiscits & gravy using this fabulous lady's recipe, which required a nap afterwards.  Hubby & pup are cuddle champs.  And seriously the rest of the day consisted of more eating, cuddling, & watching basketball, dog shows, & movies...
To combat our lazy Saturday, Sunday was a little busier.... I did some baking, red velvet cupcakes for the big game, and then we finally finished painting our media room.  Red paint sucks, just so you all know; but I think it looks rather awesome.  Then we were off to Superbowl parties!

Another wonderful weekend at the Stroud household.  Oh, and did you notice all the red in our weekend : red bull, red paint, strawberries, red velvet cupcakes.....kinda weird....

Happy Monday!

*waking up at 10 is crazy for us....we normally get up at 7:30, I guess that red bull didn't do its job....


  1. My favorite days with Josh involve sleeping in, cuddling in front of the TV, and eating good food. It's simply the best! (And I love the red walls for your media room!)

  2. So glad you enjoyed your weekend, sounds like you had the perfect mixture of relaxing and eventful. LOVE the walls and the red velvet, such a fun pop of color!