Thursday, February 23, 2012

The past couple of days here in Virginia Beach it has been unseasonably warm & gloriously sunny.  70 degrees in February, I'll take it!  So Lucy and I have been enjoying every moment we can outside.  There is simply nothing like sitting on your back patio enjoying the sun, reading the new Glamour magazine, and watching your funny dog dig a hole in your herb garden.  I can feel it, Spring is on its way.
I'm not sure what the rule is concerning the appropriate time to bring your white jeans out of hiding, but to me a sunny 70 degree day means that it is perfectly acceptable to wear them, along with a cute tank & flip flops.  And with our dryer out of commission, our clothesline has become quite handy.  Our backyard has seen a lot of color lately.  I'm thanking God for his sweet blessing of wonderful weather, now my towels can dry.   He always knows how to make me smile.  And how in the world could I get mad at that sweet pup, she had so much fun digging, rolling around, and eating grass; she is enjoying the weather just as much as I am.

Enjoy your Thursday my sweet friends!

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