Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I am super duper excited for what I am about to tell you.  Now don't get too jealous, ok well you can be a little jealous.... Last week Chris & I officially booked our vacation!!  Where are we going you ask?  Well I'll give you a few hints:

Sun. Sand. Tequila. Bikinis. Queso. Margaritas.

Any ideas?!
If you were thinking Mexico, then you are right!!  We will be staying at an all inclusive, adults only, resort  in Playa del Carmen for 5 nights. That's not even the best part, we are going with some of our best friends! Jealous yet?  Five days of soaking up the sun, drinking margaritas, and eating chips & salsa until our tummy's hurt....Sorry, now I'm just being mean.  But seriously, we are so very excited to spend this time with our friends & travel to a new location, I am sure it will be a vacation we will never forget.  The only bad part, I have to wait 7 months until we go!   I guess it gives me plenty of time to work on my tropical vacation wardrobe....

So I leave you with a few lust worthy pics of our upcoming vacay.....

Is it September yet?

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  1. MEGA JEALOUS! But I am so excited to know you are going with friends...that mean you're bringing me along right ;) I can already feel the sun on my skin and the margarita grin! A friend of my went here for her honeymoon...she said it was the best place she had ever been to!