Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I like to think I am a pretty fashionable little lady; romantic, classy, comfortable, and a little sophisticated is how I would describe my fashion sense.  I am also semi-daring when it comes to new trends, I will definitely try them out if within my comfort zone & applicable for my body type*.  But this neon trend that is popping up everywhere for Spring, is something I am not so sure about....
I mean seriously, last time I walked into target I wanted to put my sunglasses on to shade my eyes from all the iridescent neon brightness!  But gazing through Pinterest may change my mind.  Pinterest has a funny way of  making any trend seem awesome.  So although you probably won't find me sporting a neon green messenger bag or  yellow neon pumps this Spring, a neon pink bikini might be just enough to get me on board this funky trend.  

Happy Tuesday!

*I am 5'1", so you won't see me sporting high-wasted jeans or skirts that sit below my knee, the idea is to look taller....

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  1. That is so funny, they were talking about this trend this morning on the news and I was thinking I wonder if I will eventually fall victim to. Because this past weekend, I walked into JCrew and LOVED all the neon…but I think I decided it will keep it simple…only jewelry…NO SHOES…stripper alert maybe a shirt that is hints at neon...MAYBE.