Tuesday, February 7, 2012

 Are you a lover of V day?  I sure am!  You might think its because I have had a wonderful valentine since I was 15, or because of all the pink & red, or all the sweet treats!  And although those are small parts, the real reason is because of my Mom.   On Valentine's day my Mom would make the entire day full of love!  Heart shaped pancakes for breakfast, small gifts of candy, chocolate, & stuffed animals before we went to school.  She would help us make homemade cards for friends and family (aren't homemade cards the best), have a chocolatey dessert for after dinner, but best of all she wold tell us that we were her special Valentine.  She showed me that this holiday is not all about having a significant other to share it with, but  a day to celebrate the love you have for the special people in your lives.  Oh, and to eat chocolate...

So if this holiday is slightly depressing to you, maybe you can try and celebrate the way my Mom taught us to.  By giving your heart & deeply loving your friends & family to the fullest.


  1. Katie, I love this post! Reminds me so much of my mom and why I love Valentine's Day, she always made it so special. I hope you and Chris are doing well, I miss you. Jess

  2. Love this post! And I love you! Happy early Valentine's Day to my bestie! <3 Jessica

  3. My mom always made it special, too! One year she let Grace and I frost and decorate our own little round cakes. Such fun for little girls!

  4. Love your point of view... So many people are waiting "to be loved" that they forget to go show love to others...

    (my mom was/is the exact same way <3 You and I are lucky!)