Valentine's Day Gifts

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hello my sweethearts!  I hope you are having a Happy Valentine's Day.  There has been lots of kisses, snuggling,  & sweet treat eating going on here today, and that's just between me & Lucy! ....when Chris gets home I'm sure he'll join in on the fun.  He has been a pretty great Valentine to have these past 9 years; some of his V-day gifts include: a diamond necklace, red roses, a GIANT* teddy bear, candies & chocolates, romantic dinners, a mountain getaway, and one year he even took me to see Confessions of a Shopaholic, now that's true love.

But my favorite Valentine's Day, gift giving story is from my parents.  On their first Valentine's together as a married couple my Dad gave my Mom a frying pan!  HA!  I love it, she on the other hand did not.  He says she had been wanting a new frying pan & thought is was the perfect time to get it for her, I guess it's the thought that counts.  I like to imagine my Mom throwing the frying pan into the air while she proclaims she "just wanted  flowers & chocolates!"  I doubt that's how it happened, but it makes for a funny visual.  To this day we still bring up the infamous frying pan V-day story, and we all get a good laugh, even Mom & Dad.

So I hope this Valentine's day your sweetie brings you home roses & chocolates, & not a frying pan.
Happy Valentine's Day! 

*like bigger than me, I'm 5'1", and this bear was at least 5'5" No joke. 
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  1. Katie,

    I like your blog. I'm glad Valentine's Day was good. When is your birthday?

    Patty Stroud