Happy Birthday

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Well baby brother, today you are 17 and making me feel quite old.  I remember the day you were born; and although I wasn't too excited about having a little brother, I honestly don't know what my life would be like without you.  You are smart, witty, handsome, brave, & probably the funniest person I know.  And even though there have been  lots of times when I wanted to ring your neck, I absolutely love having you for a little brother.  

Sorry if some of these pictures are a little embarrassing....but what are sisters for?!?  
I am so very proud to call you my brother.  I love you with all my heart.  
Happy Birthday Andrew!

Shower time

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oh yeah, about that sweet baby shower....
Isn't Stephanie the cutest!  7 months pregnant &  looks great!  She says it has been a very easy pregnancy & feels good, which is wonderful, but hey to look fab on top of it, you really can't beat that folks.  Stephanie is the first one out of our group of girlfriends to take the baby plunge, and she is ready.  Me on the other hand....not so much, as I sit here with my glass of wine{ha! kidding about the wine, not about the not being ready part} I will expound on that topic some other time, right now its about Stephanie, and she is going to be a great mommy.

Anywho....Stephanie & Brian, who is Chris' best friend, and roommate from college, {which reminds me....they have the BEST.STORY.EVER about how they met and started dating. epic.} are super excited to welcome their sweet baby boy Michael Ber in June.  I know, I know, cutest name ever.  I can't wait to see who he looks like.
At the shower they had a table with baby pictures of both Brian & Stephanie, they were such cute little ones.  But you see why I say, "I can't wait to see what Michael looks like!"  Will he be like his Mom and have straight black hair and a dark brown eyes? or like Dad and have red curly hair with baby blues?  Whoever he looks like, he will be one sweet lil baby.

Snacks, games, opening presents & gabbing about all things baby was how our fun afternoon went.  Stephanie got a lot of awesome baby stuff {honestly, I don't know what half of it was, but I'm sure it's awesome} a baby swing, clothes, pacifiers, car seat, bottles, blankets & diapers upon diapers upon diapers.  I guess you need those, huh?!
 Seeing some of my sweet girlfriends was so refreshing.  We chatted, laughed, and acted pretty silly; but it is so good to do that with the ones you love.  It was definitely a wonderful way to spend the afternoon showering Stephanie with all things baby.  I can't wait to meet that sweet baby boy this June.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nine years ago on this very day, Chris asked me, "uhhh so you want to uhhh like go out??"  
And the rest is history....

How romantic that man of mine is.  During our high school years this day was a BIG deal, a big deal indeed; each year when it rolled around we{well really just me} would say, " I can't believe we have been together for 2 years...wow!"  And then my hunny would say something like, " I know sweetheart, and I love you more each day."  Oh yes, ladies, he is that good.  But yesterday, when I realized what today's date was I simply said the same thing I always did, "I can't believe we have been together for 9 years...wow!"  And then we both looked at each other and simultaneously said, "WOW, 9 years!"  Pretty crazy, right?  Right.

Nine years of laughs, phone calls, love notes, flowers, sweet kisses, fights, {yes, we all have them} and photos.  Here are just a few....
{I know....Photo overload}

What an indescribable nine years it has been.....

I love you more each and every day; I am so incredibly blessed to have met a man like you.  
Thank you so much for some amazing memories.  
I look forward to making many more.....cause its me & you babe, forever.
I love you.

Have a great Wednesday!

Lately {the instagram way}

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hey there my sweet ones, I hope this Tuesday is treating you well.  I must confess, I don't have a real post for you today.  This week so far {yes, I know its only Tuesday} has been pretty crazy, in a good way; but with the good comes the bad, and the bad I'm speaking of is this horrible sinus headache I have had for the last 2 days in a row!  Ugh.  Is it all this pollen?  And why have I lived on this earth for 24 years without a single allergy, and now all of a sudden I feel like my head is going to pop off! {I know, I know, I have a flare for the dramatic} So in my current state of fuzziness and lack of inspiration, I do not have much to offer today.  But I think I can muster up the energy to show you, in the way of Instagram, what's been going lately.....

 Ben & Jerry's FroYo + watching basketball with my dad & baby brother = perfection 
And I may or may not have eaten the.entire.thing.

 Cuddle time with Dad after being gone for a few days.  Sweet love. 

 My new favorite snack!  
Run, don't walk, to the nearest store and pick yourself up a bag{or two}.  
Just do it.  Aaaamazzzinggg.

 Hippie wine bottle candle.  I love making these, this is my newest one added to my growing collection. 

 Lots of lounging & reading going on in my backyard these days....

 Bracketology.  Whose bracket is still kickin?!?  
My only chance for redemption is if my Kentucky Wildcats take it all the way!! {Let's go UK!} 

A refreshing fruit salad on these warm Spring afternoons has been a lunch staple lately.

There you have it friends...Lately. 
Hopefully tomorrow my head will clear up & 
I will be filled to the brim with inspired thoughts.  


Oh, and while I was visiting my parents, they looked through the pictures on my iPhone.  
Their conclusion: I only take pics of :
my feet, food, alcohol, & Lucy
True life. 

Weekend bliss

Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Friday my little seashells & greetings from the beach.  I am down in North Carolina for a few days visiting my family & going to a friends baby shower on Saturday!  I can't wait to see my sweet girlfriends tomorrow, it feels like forever since we've seen each other, although it's only been a few months.  We have all "grown up", moved, gotten jobs, & started families of our own{husbands, dogs, cats...only one of us has a baby on the way...don't get any ideas people...} but it is so great to get together with these special ladies, even if it every so often.   Having great girlfriends is supposed to prolong your life; I sincerely believe it.

So this weekend, besides showering our sweet friend with all things baby blue, gushing over her sweet baby bump, and relentlessly gabbing about anything & everything with my lady loves, you can find me:

......Cheering, watching & talking all things basketball with Dad & baby bro. {Go Wildcats!!}.... 
......Enjoying tea time with mom & helping her figure out her iPhone {#notsotechsavy}...
.....At the beach or on the front porch soaking up the glorious sun.....
....Visiting an old friend at my favorite Toy Store...
...... or currently at my favorite coffee shoppe, blogging, sipping a smoothie, & listening to my Adele station on Pandora{blissful}.... 

Enjoy your weekend my dears! 

Oh and I cannot get over this tree in my backyard!!
Beyond beautiful. 

Face lift & Wine corks

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Notice a few changes around here?  Whatcha think??  Don't worry it's still me...and the hubs...and Lucy.   My knowledge of all things blogger, html, and social media is pretty basic, but after hours & hours of fiddling around on Google, random blogs, picasa, & blogger..... I finally got this little bloggy looking just the way I want...at least for now.  I mean hey! I'm a girl, changing our minds is really what we do best.  So I hope you like it!

 One of the main reasons for the blog face-lift is my desire to have pictures be BIG, clear, & vibrant!  So as much as I love my iPhone, I am going to desperately try and not use it too much for blog pics...{sad face}  With that being said, I pulled out my trusty Cannon Power Shot and started snapping away.  But before that, I took a gander through the memory card, and found some funny pics I would like to share with you....
These were taken during our last night at our condo, right before we moved to VA. {I think finding these pictures is ironically funny since our one year anniversary of moving here was just a few weeks ago}  We slept on the floor; with only our suitcases, camera, & a bottle of wine to keep us company.  I remember Chris taking tons of pictures of the wine cork, and thought he had officially lost it.  But I'm glad he did take all those pictures, it makes for a good memory.

Happy Wednesday lovers! 

Oh, I also sincerely believe in giving credit where credit is due.  That being said, I took much of my inspiration for my blog face lift from my absolute 2 most favoritist blogs ever...
Caitlin over at Soliloquy
check them out!  Truly my inspiration.

Welcome Spring

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The beautiful spring came; 
and when Nature resumes her loveliness,
 the human soul is apt to revive also.
—Harriet Ann Jacobs

Although it has felt like it for quite some time, today is the official first day of Spring.  Welcome back my sweet friend, I am so glad you are here.  And I think Lucy is too....

Shamrockin Weekend part 2

Monday, March 19, 2012

Our wild & crazy St. Patrick's Day weekend really started on Friday evening when our friends, the Honeycutt's {oh yes, a very Irish name indeed}came into town.  We started the night out right, with Margaritas & some tasty Mexican food, while catching up on life, and all things baby.  They have a little one on the way!
And then, if we weren't loud & silly enough, out of the corner of my eye I spotted quite possibly the coolest thing ever....a frozen margarita with a Corona inside!!   Oh yes, Margarona's all around!!
Probably not the greatest idea, since David & I were racing the next day and we had to get up super early, but oh well,  it was worth it!   Soooo delicious! {Makes me even more excited for our upcoming vacay}  Luckily, my hunny helped me out, and drank most of it.  He's always there to take one for the team.
Oh, yeah, this totally happened.  They will probably not be too happy for me posting this awesome pic, but I just had to!  This is what happens when your wife is pregnant, you share a Margarona with your best friend.  Classic.
On Saturday, St. Patrick's Day morning, we headed down to the Virginia Beach oceanfront, where David & I ran in the Shamrock 8k.  Beer, running, Irish stew, dancing, and more beer made for a fun morning.   The rest of the afternoon we were lazy little leprechauns.  It was a napping house, while our Irish dinner simmered on the stove.   
A traditional Irish meal of corned beef & cabbage and to wash it down, Guinness & Harp or mixed together {like my hunny did} and its a Black n Tan!
The laziness continued into the evening, instead of hitting up Irish pubs{like planned} we decided to stay in, drink some Guinness & watch a movie.  It was the perfect ending to a crazy, fun, & festive day.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! 

Shamrockin Weekend part 1

Hey there my sweets!  I'm so very sorry for my short absence, but it has been quite a busy St. Patrick's day weekend filled to the brim with pure green awesomeness & fun!  

As you know, I ran in the Shamrock 8k on St. Patrick's day morning!  Running with fabulous friends, and having your hubby & more friends cheer you on was pretty great.   
There were around 8 thousand people running the 8k.  Crazy right!?!  The race was at the Virginia Beach oceanfront, so the view was pretty spectacular.  And the weather was wonderful; no rain and not too hot....it was perfect.  And yes, I'm in that crowd....somewhere.....
 I finished in just under an hour, which was my goal, so that made me a proud little lady.  I have lots to learn as a new runner, but this was a great first race.  I am already looking forward to my next one!
 8k Champions!! My awesome girlfriends who also ran the race.  They did great, finishing all before me!! Fabulous job ladies!  You are my inspiration.
 David & I with our "after race beer" showing off our medals.  (Yes, I look pretty rough, I just ran 5 miles people...don't judge) David did great, running in just under 38 minutes.  Wowzzers!!  So with the race being on St. Patrick's day, and being sponsored by Yuengling, it was certainly appropriate to have a beer{or 2} at 9 o'clock in the morning.  Cheers!
 Really people just run the race for the free beer, Irish stew, & dancing...I know it.   We had a great time sticking our tired feet in the sand, drinking lots of beer, and singling along with the great live band.  Chris said he is definitely doing the race next year...just for the free beer.  That's my man!
 Maybe some of us had one tooo many beers.....
Such a good race followed by lots of fun at the VB oceanfront.  It was a great St. Patrick's day morning!

Blurry pics taken by Chris....thanks babe