Another Random Friday

Friday, March 9, 2012

Greetings & Happy Friday my sweet peas!  It is a rainy morning here in VB, but that's ok, we have enjoyed a few glorious days this week, which I am still smiling about.  The hubs & I played with Lucy in the backyard & sat on the patio until 7 last night....yes it was fantastic, you don't get much better than that for a Thursday evening.  I must admit this week has zoomed on by, and I'm definitely not complaining.  But it sure feels like I just wrote a randomly fun post about nail polish, happy hour, and a basketball game (which was one pretty sad disappointing excuse of a game, might I just say....still hurting from that one) & here I am a week later feeling quite random again.  Maybe its just a Friday thing....but lots of unimportant, silly things are filling up my head once again.
So here goes nothing:
You see that book, yep, I read it this week.  I once again filled my time by feverishly consuming each and every page.  Late nights & early morning porch reading sessions, which I must say were quite wonderful, and I am finished with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo & will be heading to the bookstore today to pick up the next installment, The Girl who Played with Fire.  Oh books, how I love thee.
Ok, seriously you really don't get much cuter than that!   My sweet little girl has made herself at home on our new couch in the media room.   It's her house, we just live here and pay the bills.... But really she is my baby.  The only baby I need right now.  What is it with this world and babies...there is something in the water I tell you, and I'm not drinking it!   More on this topic some other day...for now I'm moving on.
You see that gorgeous blonde next to me in the picture?  That's my bestie Jessica, who got married this past October and whom I've honestly known since the age of 5. Holy crap! we've been freinds for almost 20 years!!   Yikes..we're getting old!!  Anywho, she gave me the greatest compliment this week!  She said this little bloggie has gotten so much better! (Not like it was bad before, but definitely a learning process...)  I was ecstatic to hear her say that.  My blog, just like me, is constantly growing & learning and I feel like yes, my posts have gotten better, but to hear it from someone so close to me (other than my husband, who I pay to say nice things about me...just kidding) was wonderful!  It put a permanent smile on my face for the rest of the week.  I love writing and the more you write, the better you get; at least that's what I'm hoping for.  So thank you to all  who read & comment, it means the world to me!  And thanks Jess, love you bunches!!

Well, I hope you have a fantabulous Friday and a rockin weekend!  If its nice enough we might do some gardening and grilling.  A nice long run & a walk on the beach is also something I'm hoping to accomplish.  The ACC basketball tournament is also on this weekend, and even though my boys didn't do so hot last time, I'm hoping for a comeback!  Oh, and don't forget to Spring forward Saturday night!
Enjoy the weekend friends!


  1. What a cute picture of you and Jess! I love reading your blog, Katie. Happy weekend! (Our married friends are starting to have babies, too. It's exciting, but so weird!)

  2. Love this! And I love you! Your blog is wonderful :)