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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hello my dears.... Happy Thursday & welcome March!  This week I have been slightly lacking in the blogging department.  I have had a mild case of the blues & have been slightly down, and no one wants to read depressing blog one.   But seeing as this day is going to rather lovely, I will not waste one moment of it being sad.
As I mentioned a moment ago, today is March 1st!  So many great things to look forward to this month.  Spring is undoubtedly on its way; with daffodils & tulips popping up everywhere, birdies chirping, and that wonderful yellow stuff, we like to call pollen has already graced Virginia Beach with its presence.  St. Patrick's Day, coinciding with my very first race, a sweet friends baby shower, my little brother's birthday, and best of all, March Madness!! are all delightful things to look forward to this month.

So sweet friends, I truly hope that your day is wonderful, but it's ok, because some days are not... But please remember our God is awesome; He is our constant & truest friend who will be there on dark days.  Focus on the blessings He has given you, and the beauty of His creation around you.  Know that He will ease your troubles and make your days bright.
"I have told you these things so that
 you would find comfort in Me.
 In this world, you will suffer; but be courageous,
 for I have overcome the world! "
John 16:33

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  1. That forecast looks amazing. Good luck at your race, Katie! You'll be great!