Lately {the instagram way}

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hey there my sweet ones, I hope this Tuesday is treating you well.  I must confess, I don't have a real post for you today.  This week so far {yes, I know its only Tuesday} has been pretty crazy, in a good way; but with the good comes the bad, and the bad I'm speaking of is this horrible sinus headache I have had for the last 2 days in a row!  Ugh.  Is it all this pollen?  And why have I lived on this earth for 24 years without a single allergy, and now all of a sudden I feel like my head is going to pop off! {I know, I know, I have a flare for the dramatic} So in my current state of fuzziness and lack of inspiration, I do not have much to offer today.  But I think I can muster up the energy to show you, in the way of Instagram, what's been going lately.....

 Ben & Jerry's FroYo + watching basketball with my dad & baby brother = perfection 
And I may or may not have eaten the.entire.thing.

 Cuddle time with Dad after being gone for a few days.  Sweet love. 

 My new favorite snack!  
Run, don't walk, to the nearest store and pick yourself up a bag{or two}.  
Just do it.  Aaaamazzzinggg.

 Hippie wine bottle candle.  I love making these, this is my newest one added to my growing collection. 

 Lots of lounging & reading going on in my backyard these days....

 Bracketology.  Whose bracket is still kickin?!?  
My only chance for redemption is if my Kentucky Wildcats take it all the way!! {Let's go UK!} 

A refreshing fruit salad on these warm Spring afternoons has been a lunch staple lately.

There you have it friends...Lately. 
Hopefully tomorrow my head will clear up & 
I will be filled to the brim with inspired thoughts.  


Oh, and while I was visiting my parents, they looked through the pictures on my iPhone.  
Their conclusion: I only take pics of :
my feet, food, alcohol, & Lucy
True life. 

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