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Friday, March 2, 2012

Greetings my sweet readers and aren't you glad its Friday!?  This weekend marks our 1 year anniversary of living in Virginia Beach!  Crazy, I honestly can't believe its been a whole year.  More on that topic some other day...for now just a bunch of randomly fun things that I'm into right now.

First, did you see all the #febphotoaday instagram pics flying all over twitterland last month? Well I did, and really wanted to do it, but seeing as I am a smidge ocd perfectionist, I very well couldn't start in the middle of the month.  But to my surprise a #marchphotoaday was created & I luckily caught wind of it the last day of February, score!
Join me if you want!  I would love to see all your pics...and its only day 2 of the challenge, totally acceptable.

Secondly, have you seen Essie's Spring 2012 collection!?!   Ahhhh, I want them all!  But alas I settled on just one (at least for now).   a crewed interest is the perfect peachy pink I have been looking for, and doesn't it just scream spring!  
Thirdly, tomorrow night is the BIG game, yes I know the Superbowl was weeks ago, I'm talking about the Duke vs. UNC basketball game.  This is the game we Duke fan lives for; Duke vs. UNC is the greatest rivalry in college basketball...its kinda a big deal.  Not only the last game of the season,  it determines regular season ACC champion, but it will also determine who gets number one seeds in the NCAA tournament!  Big deal, here people, Big deal!!  And as you can tell I'm pretty pumped up about it, the hubby on the other hand, could care less.  The only thing making him excited about it is that he get's to watch it on his big new TV & eat pizza {boys}. 
Oh & fourthly,  I'm kinda super excited about happy hour tonight with my man!  That's something NC doesn't have....happy hour.  See VA is growing on me....

Alright my lovelies, have a fabulous Friday 
and a even better weekend!! 
Go Duke!!!!


  1. :) you are too cute! Let us know what you do for happy hour, and we might join you (if you want company) We would love to help you celebrate 1 year in VB! Yay!!!

  2. I love this. And I love you! I hope that Kris and I are able to make a trip to VB to see you soon...I'm in desperate need of some Katie time. I still can't believe it's already been a year since you moved to VB..and I must say, it has been amazing watching you grow and learn to love your new home! I'm looking forward to making many memories there :)

    <3 Jess

  3. I really like that nail color, Katie! Have fun watching the game!

  4. Oh Essie, so wonderful. I want them all. I'm still bummed about the game. I'm a Kentucky fan through and through, but the boy loves Duke and we support each others teams 100% (until they play each other, haha) It actually makes it fun: between cheering for Duke, Kentucky, and whoever is playing against Carolina I always have an interest in the games! :) Hope your weekend has been wonderful and you're feeling not so bluesy!