Shower time

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oh yeah, about that sweet baby shower....
Isn't Stephanie the cutest!  7 months pregnant &  looks great!  She says it has been a very easy pregnancy & feels good, which is wonderful, but hey to look fab on top of it, you really can't beat that folks.  Stephanie is the first one out of our group of girlfriends to take the baby plunge, and she is ready.  Me on the other hand....not so much, as I sit here with my glass of wine{ha! kidding about the wine, not about the not being ready part} I will expound on that topic some other time, right now its about Stephanie, and she is going to be a great mommy.

Anywho....Stephanie & Brian, who is Chris' best friend, and roommate from college, {which reminds me....they have the BEST.STORY.EVER about how they met and started dating. epic.} are super excited to welcome their sweet baby boy Michael Ber in June.  I know, I know, cutest name ever.  I can't wait to see who he looks like.
At the shower they had a table with baby pictures of both Brian & Stephanie, they were such cute little ones.  But you see why I say, "I can't wait to see what Michael looks like!"  Will he be like his Mom and have straight black hair and a dark brown eyes? or like Dad and have red curly hair with baby blues?  Whoever he looks like, he will be one sweet lil baby.

Snacks, games, opening presents & gabbing about all things baby was how our fun afternoon went.  Stephanie got a lot of awesome baby stuff {honestly, I don't know what half of it was, but I'm sure it's awesome} a baby swing, clothes, pacifiers, car seat, bottles, blankets & diapers upon diapers upon diapers.  I guess you need those, huh?!
 Seeing some of my sweet girlfriends was so refreshing.  We chatted, laughed, and acted pretty silly; but it is so good to do that with the ones you love.  It was definitely a wonderful way to spend the afternoon showering Stephanie with all things baby.  I can't wait to meet that sweet baby boy this June.

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  1. Your top- adorable! So glad you enjoyed the shower and have some qt with great friends. BTW, no worries- as I sit here with a beer next to me I have wondered many of times, would I be ready to give that up for nine whole months! ha!