its pretty sad when....

Monday, April 30, 2012 are counting down the days until the next installment in your favorite vampire series is released
{For all those Sookie lovers....Deadlocked will be available May 2! Cant.Wait.}

..... you feed your dog white rice & bacon for breakfast because you were out of dog food

....and then proceed to buy said pup, treats & a new bone to make up for this mornings breakfast catastrophe  
{like she even remembers} squeal with excitement when someone actually takes a good picture of you

....if you're still dreaming about the delicious tapas and martini's you had this past Friday

.... TwitterPinterestFacebook, & Instagram are the only apps you actually use on your phone
{shameless pluggssss} determine your mood by the weather: Sunny = happy, Rainy =lazy, Cold = disappointed; and so on can count on one hand how many times you've been to the gym this month tear up while gazing through the the latest issue of Our State magazine
{now that's true NC love}

....getting your new VS bikini & cover up in the mail is the highlight of your day

....its Monday, and you're already ready for the weekend

Oh well.
Here are a few pics from our lazy & delicious weekend.

 Today's mail!!  Let the strutting begin....

Happy Monday

do you remember your prom? + happy Friday!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Friday my little bumble bees!!  Don't you just love Friday's?  There is something in the air I tell you.  Something slightly magical about this day of the week....I kinda love it.  Anywho, big plans for the weekend??  Not for us, other than helping our good friend, David, move into his big house, we don't have much planned; which in turn always makes for an exciting weekend.  You never know what us Strouds will get into....

But something special is happening tonight, not for me, but for my sweet little brother, his first prom! {I think I am more excited about it than him...boys}  But I know, that no matter how lackadaisical he feels about prom, tonight will be one he remembers for a long long time.  The tux, the corsage, late night dancing, laughing with friends, fancy dinner out...everyone has their own prom story, and its pretty exciting to know that his is happening tonight.   

And just because I am feeling a bit nostalgic...
here are a few precious pictures from long ago....

Such sweet memories & some pretty fantastic dresses, if I do say so myself.
I was pretty darn lucky to have the same handsome man with me for every prom.  The traditional "living room shots" will forever & always be my favorite prom pics.  And yes, if you are wondering, I was indeed Prom Princess 2005, {the height of my fame I'm sure of it} but a special memory for sure. 

 A few words of wisdom for my sweet brother....

Have fun, but not too much fun. 
 Enjoy the moment, even though you may think it's silly. 
Take pictures & dance.  
 And don't step on your dates dress. 
Love you.


How was your prom sweet friends? 

Have a great Friday and a memorable weekend!  

motorcycle riddin' + anniversary trip

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My adrenaline crazed husband has owned a motorcycle ever since he was 19, thus making me his faithful passenger since the age of 18.  His first bike was a Honda Shadow, a fixer-upper, cruiser style bike, and man he loved it.

He might even be slightly embarrassed with this pic{didn't know I had this one stored away did you??}, but I sure think he is a cutie, even with that cheesy grin.  Eventually he wanted something sexier, cooler, and definitely faster. Which scared my parents{and his} to death, but we loved it.  Yes, we! I love riding on the back of the motorcycle.  The feeling is one of freedom and exhilaration all in the same moment.  And yes, the danger involved makes it more of an exciting experience as well.  I guess I am more an adrenaline junkie than I thought....

So two crotch rockets*, an insane amount of gear, one obnoxious speeding ticket, zero wrecks{thank God!} and six years later.....he is back to cruisin in style, on a Kawasaki Vulcan 900.
He traded in his gsxr 750 for this cruiser, and I'm pretty darn excited about it.  We went for a ride last night; putting on my motorcycle jacket and pink helmet made me pretty giddy.  After dinner, a few beers, and deciding what we're doing for our anniversary, we rode back home.  It was chilly, but awesome.  There is really no other feeling like being on the back of a bike.

So, you curious about what we're gonna do for our anniversary??
Hint: it has something to do with a no I'm not getting one......

Ok, I'll tell you....we are crusin down to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for the weekend on the motorcycle!  No reservations, no plans, just riding!  We'll pack some clothes, sunglasses,  & sunscreen and hit the road to see what we can see.  Lighthouses for sure, but other than that who knows?  It is pretty darn exciting not having a plan and just seeing where we end up.  I know it will be a trip we will never forget.

I sure am becoming mighty adventurous.  Beer drinking, motorcycle riding, I need a tattoo....{maybe} 
And aren't you impressed with all my super awesome bike knowledge? {I may or may not have texted my hubby to make sure I got the names right....}

Have you ever ridden on the back of a motorcycle??  And do you love it or hate it?

Happy Thursday!

*yes, horrible name & equally awkward to say and type...
but hey, thats what those kids call em! 

where you can find me

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Having your own backyard is like having your own private oasis, right in the middle of the city.  I love walking barefoot out onto the grass, checking on the garden and  seeing what new blooms have appeared that day.  Relaxing under the umbrella or in the sun, sprawled out on my favorite chaise, I savor each sweet moment, its blissful.   And either sipping my morning coffee or evening glass of wine on the patio, throwing the ball with my sweet dog, or cutting fresh roses, I feel I have my own little world to escape to.

And since I am, well, {my sweet friend,  Cait, said it best} "evading the real world indefinitely"....
I spend lots of precious time in this wonderful space....

My vegetable garden is changing daily, and I have cute little yellow flowers that will turn into sweet cherry tomatoes soon. And lately Lucy has found a new hiding place. Chris and I love it back here.  But I think my sweet Lucy girl loves it the most.

Have a wonderful Wednesday

bikini season

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A few months ago I was simply appalled when I walked into stores and saw bikinis for sale! {I mean it was January people, who shops for bikinis in Januraryyyy} But alas I did in fact write a cute little blog post about a suit I tired on & loved, but seeing as it was still winter, I very well couldn't purchase it then, now could I?  So now that we are full fledged in the middle of Spring and can surely see glorious oh glorious summer on the horizon, I feel it is perfectly appropriate to purchase said suit.

So yes sweet friends, that is exactly what I did at eight o'clock this morning.  
That super cute pink bikini was in my "shopping bag" along with this sexy little number.  I mean, who doesn't love a new cover up to go with that new suit.  I have been eyeing it for quite some time now, and have heard rave reviews from friends, so into my bag it went!  Of course in a different color....
I have had my eye on some other cute suits, you know, like for Mexico {I am going to use that excuse allllll summer longggg... "hun, I need it for our Mexico trip"} but for now, one bikini will have to suffice....

Ohhh, but aren't these babies too cute to pass up!! 
I mean I will be in Mexico for 5 days.....

Anywho, I can't wait for my summer loot to arrive, and with it I hope comes warm weather and the sun.  
Its a little chilly around these parts today, certainly not bikini-wearing weather...
but when my new suit and cover up arrive, you bet your sweet cheeks I will be strutin my stuff around the house in it, which I'm sure the hubs won't object too...

Please tell me you have bought at least one bikini for summer??  
OH, and just so you know....VS is giving free shipping on a swimsuit purchase of $50 or more! 
so get your cute butt over there and shop till you drop!
you can thank me later.

Have a great Tuesday

thank you+congrats & random friday katie style

Friday, April 20, 2012

Hello hello & a happy Friday to us all!!  In lieu of yesterday's post, I wanted to give a BIG thank you to all of you for your sweet words, comforting comments, & wonderful wisdom from all you moms, mommies to be, best friends, and husbands.  It sure meant the world to me.

I also want to wish a great big CONGRATULATIONS! to my favorite toy store in the world, who just opened their doors to their huge new store!  If you are in the Wilmington area hop on into the Learning Express on Oleander drive, at its new location, and give them a great big smile and a sweet hello! Oh, and while you're there can you pick me up some milk straws??...k thanks.  To Ed, Shelley & all my wonderful LE family, congrats! I wish I could be there to celebrate with you...

So party people what do you have planed for this weekend?  We are splitting up this weekend.  Ha, scared you didn't I!?  No sillies Chris and I are still married {forever&always} but he is making his way up to Northern VA to stay with some friends and is participating in his first tri race on Sunday!   Swimming, biking, & running all the way to the finish line!  Go babe go!  Good luck & I love you.  Oh, and don't pass out or die.   I on the other hand will be staying here in VB helping some friends move into their new house, then some relaxing, shopping, and a little wine sipping....ohh yes, a good weekend plan indeed.

In desperate need of pictures this post is{channeling my inner yoda} so here ya go!
 My Instagram Photodump of the week.
{I just want to say, I think using the word "dump" in any sense is rather unappealing & gross, but really there is no better way to describe I'm sorry.}

So whatever you have going on this weekend I hope you enjoy it to the fullest.  Take the time to smile, laugh, and be silly, because sometimes, that's really what this world needs.  

peace out buttercups

Oh, and to the pup snoring loudly behind me. I love you.

Also, I am in no way sponsored to say such nice things about Learning Express Toys.  I truly want you to stop by because I sincerely love them that much.  Their new store address: 3804 Oleander Dr. Wilmington NC.

baby talk

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Alright let's talk about it.

Being a young woman in my mid twenties, married for almost three years & a dog mommy for a little longer, owns a house, & is ultimately pretty darn stable; simply means that every person in the world is allowed to ask me the question....

"When are you going to have a baby?"
insert horror film music now...ha. just kidding...kinda, not really.

But truly let's not start out on the wrong foot. First of all, I absolutely positively want children.  I even knew as I was growing up that one day I would be a mom. I want to play in the grass, rock them to sleep, kiss boo boos, give pig tails, read bedtime stories, sing silly songs, play games, make snack baskets* and everything in between.  Being a mom is something I know I was born to do.  My husband and I both want children;  being married to such an amazing man makes me want to have part of him with me all the time.

But what I am struggling with is, when is it "the right time"?  Do you just feel it? Do you wake up one morning and say, "I'm ready to have a baby!" Ekkk, I think not.  But even our life right now is in a way, "the perfect time" to start a family.  I use quotations, because I mean really, is there ever a "perfect" time to have a baby??  Nope.  Life my sweet friends is crazy, don't ever count on it being the way you think its going to be.  

Sorry, got sidetracked.  Anywho...I have been thinking about these things for quite sometime{well ever since I was first asked, "the question"} and my conclusion right now is simple.  I don't know when we are going to have a baby.  Actually, you want my honest answer.  I'm scared.  I 'm scared to take the plunge.  To make the decision that will ultimately change our lives forever.   No turning back once the decision is made.  I know I want two, three, or four kids{my husband will read this and faint} having them is not what scares me, what scares me most is actually making the decision to start. Right now I'm a dog mommy, and that is easy.  But I've heard babies are a little different.... Ha.  

I'm scared it will change my relationship with my husband, my friends, my parents.....and you know how I feel about change.  Oh, and let me be vain for a minute, I don't want my body to change, I want to look like a 24 year old forever{in my dreams, I know} but seriously, it is a pretty scary thing to think about.  Knowing your body is going to transform, is both a beautiful and frightening thought.  Also, I might experience emotions & moods I never dreamed I would have.  Now, that truly is scary. 

So to all those inquiring minds out there our conclusion for now, is simple......

We don't know when we are going to have a baby.  Maybe soon, maybe not. 

But don't worry{mom} we will have one....eventually.  And please please don't think I am the least bit bothered by "the question".  I know it comes from a place of love when asked.  But in return, take my smile and sweet answer of, "I don't know" and rest easy that it will happen, one day.

As for now, I'm leaving it at that.

image via
*snack baskets = awesomeness
its a basket filled with an array of different snacks: pretzles, marshmallows, m&m's, peanuts, cereal pieces; 
really anything that was in the pantry.  My mom made this for me and my brother.  And I will carry on the tradition, its one of my favorite childhood memories.

let's eat

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ohh Julia, how right you are....

While meandering through some pictures the other night, 
I giggled out loud to myself when I realized most of the pictures I take are of food.
oh well....
eating is something we love & are pretty darn good at
 and that is quite alright with us.

Have a lovely Wednesday

nailed it

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hello my dears!  it is another beautifully warm and sunny day here in Virginia Beach, which in turn always puts a smile on my face.  Good weather always seems to make me happy. 


If you follow me on twitter{shameless plug} or Instagram @katie_elizabeth {oopps, did it again!} then you have seen quite a few pictures of my pretty little fingers & toes lately.  I have always been a lover of nail polish and my sweet little piggies have almost always had a shade of color making them look that much cuter... but with this nail polish craze going on, which I have most definitely joined, I have surely acquired a handful{or two} of new polishes.

As you can see, I lean towards the pinks, reds, & oranges of the color spectrum.  Funny, those are the colors that show up in my closet the most too...hmmmm.  It's what goes best with my skin tone, oh but really, I'm just a girly girl.  I have never been one to pull off the bright blue and green nail polishes, but if you can, rock on ladies, rock on.  And I haven't tired glitter, or the "paint one nail a different color" thing,  my OCD will simply not let me jump on that band wagon.  I am pretty darn classic when it comes to nails, all 10 or 20 little piggies matching and sporting a beautiful hue in my favorite color wheel.  Oh, and my brands of choice are Essie & O.P.I. but am really no snob, if I like the color, I buy it.  Simple.

 I sure hope my hunny{who reads daily, such a sweetie} isn't too surprised with my growing collection of polishes.... Sorry hun!  But it is just so fun to change up your color every so often{or day...whichever.}

So along with the rest of the world, I am totally in love with this trend.  Nail polish is by far my favorite accessory so I hope this colorful craze is here to stay.

Here is what I have been wearing lately....

Have you hopped onto this trend too?? What color are you sporting right now?

Have a rockin Tuesday!

its the little moments

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sometimes the best weekends are the ones where you didn't take lots of pictures and honestly didn't do anything earthshaking. But what we did indeed do was live.  Living life moment by moment......enjoying lazy Sunday afternoons & purposefully not making any plans just to see where the day takes you.....these are really the moments that make up this wonderful thing we call life.

macaroni & cheese for dinner, falling asleep together on the couch at 8:30 on a Friday night,  
blueberry pancakes for breakfast, helping a friend paint his kitchen{orange}, late night grill sessions, 
sushi & sake, desperately attempting to open a bottle of wine without a wine key{winos}, 
3 cups of coffee while lazing around in bed on a Sunday morning, bikini wearing sunbathing afternoon,
 lunch on the patio, outside napping, spontaneous Trader Joe's adventure,  
appetizers and more patio sitting,  a wine + edamame + gyoza + orange chicken dinner,  
back rubs, & watching movies until we fall asleep kind of weekend....

And don't worry I did happen to take a few pictures....

How was your weekend?

and yes my sweet friends, we did open a bottle of wine with a screw and a wrench, but heck, it worked!
Happy Monday 

meet my new friends roma & sage

Thursday, April 12, 2012

It was a full house around here for a few days, with mom, brother, husband, me, and three dogs{1 corgi, 2 Scottish terriers},and  it was wonderful.  Morning coffee with mom on the patio is in a word, blissful.  Spending time with her, especially as I've gotten older, brings me such peace & comfort.  And having my brother around always makes things ten times more exciting.  Oh and the dogs, well they loved the backyard.  Animals are such simple creatures, so easy to please.

So for two short but sweet days I showed Mom and bro around town a little bit, enjoyed good food, and did a little shopping; but most of our time was spent in the backyard, working on the garden.  You see, my mom for sure has a  green thumb, I on the other hand, do not.  I have really no idea what to do with flowers except smell them, and plants, don't even get me started.  So to say my garden needed an intervention, is definitely putting it lightly.  

After weeding all morning {I must say that is one of my least favorite activities, its right up there with folding laundry. ick.} we headed to LOWE'S and got some garden loot.

To my herb garden we added: basil, thyme, & Greek oregano, it already had sage, chives, rosemary, cilantro, & mint.  And we gave the garden a pop of color with some potted flowers.

The finished product made me jump for joy!  I forgot{or was just too embarrassed} to take a before picture.  But now I have an herb garden I can smile at and enjoy, instead of a bed of weeds with herbs hidden inside.

Next we worked on the vegetable garden.  Yes, you heard that right, I am going to have herbs &&& food growing in my yard.  Home grown is the way to go my friends.  Bell & jalapeno peppers, Roma & cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers are all growing in a planter in a sunny back corner of the yard.

Look at that cute lil tomato plant.  Grow little one, grow!  I hope my first attempt at growing veggies is a success.  I will keep you posted, I know, riveting stuff here people, riveting. Such is the life.

Thanks again Mom for your weed pulling hands, wise gardening ideas, and for not laughing too much at my naive gardening abilities.  And to you muscles, or Andrew, whichever you prefer, thanks for lifting those heavy bags of mulch, pouring the dirt, and looking handsome while doing both.  And dogs, you were sweet, but Lucy is glad to have her couch back.

I hope your Thursday{wow! already Thursday..crazy.} is marvelous.
 Now I must go check on my garden.
 xo kittens!

summer dreaming

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I don't know about you, but I am the kind of girl who is always looking forward to something.....whether its our next vacation{Mexico baby!}, my birthday{sad but true, don't judge}, or even just this Friday; my mind is always wandering towards the next thing.  And my next thing that I just can't seem to get out of my head is Summer.

countless hours spent Oceanside, evening concerts with great company & cold beer,
 bikini wearing sun tanning kind of afternoons, beachy book reading sessions,
 roller-coaster riding junk food eating Busch Gardens trips,
 flip flops & sandals, boardwalk cruising, umbrella sitting, 
charcoal grilling, smoothie sipping, sundress wearing,
 lazy days of Summer......

Every single thing about summer sounds delicious.  I am so looking forward to our second summer in Virginia Beach, this is truly the season I fell in love with here.  But please don't get me wrong, I am perfectly content with Spring and I surely don't wish her away.  This is just how I am, I like looking towards the future and getting excited about all the wonderful things to come....

What are you most looking forward to?

image via

caught up

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Monday chickadees!  I hope that big bunny brought some goodies for that basket of yours yesterday?  And I hope the rest of the weekend followed suit.  The last few days for us have been a bit of a whirlwind, which is just fine; as my hunny thrives on chaos & and I, well am learning.  And the fun my friends, is not over yet.  My Mom & brother{oh, and 2 dogs} are headed to Virginia Beach as we speak!  A visit I am extremely looking forward to.  But just so you're caught up{at least for now} here is what the past few days have been like....

lobster dinner with friends, a shopping & museuming kind of afternoon, 
a biscuits & gravy breakfast, a long afternoon of yard work{which was desperately needed},
 deviled egg making, bounce house racing, egg hunting, 
& truly a perfect afternoon celebrating our salvation with wonderful friends
who are like family....

All snapshots taken via Instagram.  And isn't it just wonderful, I feel like a "photographer" when using is cool app.  It is now available for Android phones, so if you don't already have it, go ahead & download yours and start snapping away!  I know you're just dying to take awesome pics like these?!?.... Oh btw you can follow me @katie_elizabeth 

Most schools are on Spring Break this week, {and if you're not, I am truly sorry} so I am feeling a little "breaky" myself.  I can't wait to show my Mom & brother around Virginia Beach and have some relaxing fun of our own.  

Until we meet again....

tea & books

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ahhh, so very true...
I indeed feel exactly the same way.  

So as I sit here with a cup of tea by my side as well as my current read{the girl who kicked the hornets nest} I feel my soul being rejuvenated.  Warmed back to life as I escape into the pages of another world entirely.... 

Enjoy your Thursday my sweet friends

Backyard Blooms

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Good morning my dears and a sweet hello to April.  March sure lived up to its name, coming in like a Lion and out like a Lamb, her last days simply just escaped me.  But alas, April is upon us and Spring around these parts is definitely in full bloom.  I still cannot get over the beauty that is popping up all over our backyard.  There are more pinks, purples, yellows & greens than the day before, shooting up all over the place and I just can't help take pictures of each and every one of them.

Don't they just make you smile?   Flowers have a funny way of doing that.

 And you know that tree in my backyard that I love so much....the one with all the beautiful pink buds?
Well, those beautiful buds have turned into leaves....
Heart shaped leaves...truly nothing better.  And I thought I couldn't love this tree anymore than I already did.  This is my tree, the Katie tree.

So I hope this day, no matter what you have going on, take the time to smell the roses{or flowers, whatever you may have} & just appreciate the little touches of Spring...