bikini season

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A few months ago I was simply appalled when I walked into stores and saw bikinis for sale! {I mean it was January people, who shops for bikinis in Januraryyyy} But alas I did in fact write a cute little blog post about a suit I tired on & loved, but seeing as it was still winter, I very well couldn't purchase it then, now could I?  So now that we are full fledged in the middle of Spring and can surely see glorious oh glorious summer on the horizon, I feel it is perfectly appropriate to purchase said suit.

So yes sweet friends, that is exactly what I did at eight o'clock this morning.  
That super cute pink bikini was in my "shopping bag" along with this sexy little number.  I mean, who doesn't love a new cover up to go with that new suit.  I have been eyeing it for quite some time now, and have heard rave reviews from friends, so into my bag it went!  Of course in a different color....
I have had my eye on some other cute suits, you know, like for Mexico {I am going to use that excuse allllll summer longggg... "hun, I need it for our Mexico trip"} but for now, one bikini will have to suffice....

Ohhh, but aren't these babies too cute to pass up!! 
I mean I will be in Mexico for 5 days.....

Anywho, I can't wait for my summer loot to arrive, and with it I hope comes warm weather and the sun.  
Its a little chilly around these parts today, certainly not bikini-wearing weather...
but when my new suit and cover up arrive, you bet your sweet cheeks I will be strutin my stuff around the house in it, which I'm sure the hubs won't object too...

Please tell me you have bought at least one bikini for summer??  
OH, and just so you know....VS is giving free shipping on a swimsuit purchase of $50 or more! 
so get your cute butt over there and shop till you drop!
you can thank me later.

Have a great Tuesday


  1. Well you do shop and wear bikinis in January if you live in Florida :) Have fun in Mexico!

    1. hahaha! Of course you do! did I mention I'm super jealous of you for that very reason?! xo

  2. Love it! I actually ordered a bikini today too! (Only a top, I was trying to be good.) A strapless little bandeau from J. Crew in my favorite shade of coral. But after today I'm done for a while. I've bought entirely too many bikinis already this season (I blame the early warm weather!)