do you remember your prom? + happy Friday!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Friday my little bumble bees!!  Don't you just love Friday's?  There is something in the air I tell you.  Something slightly magical about this day of the week....I kinda love it.  Anywho, big plans for the weekend??  Not for us, other than helping our good friend, David, move into his big house, we don't have much planned; which in turn always makes for an exciting weekend.  You never know what us Strouds will get into....

But something special is happening tonight, not for me, but for my sweet little brother, his first prom! {I think I am more excited about it than him...boys}  But I know, that no matter how lackadaisical he feels about prom, tonight will be one he remembers for a long long time.  The tux, the corsage, late night dancing, laughing with friends, fancy dinner out...everyone has their own prom story, and its pretty exciting to know that his is happening tonight.   

And just because I am feeling a bit nostalgic...
here are a few precious pictures from long ago....

Such sweet memories & some pretty fantastic dresses, if I do say so myself.
I was pretty darn lucky to have the same handsome man with me for every prom.  The traditional "living room shots" will forever & always be my favorite prom pics.  And yes, if you are wondering, I was indeed Prom Princess 2005, {the height of my fame I'm sure of it} but a special memory for sure. 

 A few words of wisdom for my sweet brother....

Have fun, but not too much fun. 
 Enjoy the moment, even though you may think it's silly. 
Take pictures & dance.  
 And don't step on your dates dress. 
Love you.


How was your prom sweet friends? 

Have a great Friday and a memorable weekend!  


  1. These pictures of you and Chris are so cute. Your dresses were stunning, especially that black one from 2006! Josh and I went to three Gramercy proms together, too. :) Our first date was the 2006 one!

  2. I love looking over old photos! Such great memories!
    Just came across the blog and I love it! :)