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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hello my dears!  it is another beautifully warm and sunny day here in Virginia Beach, which in turn always puts a smile on my face.  Good weather always seems to make me happy. 


If you follow me on twitter{shameless plug} or Instagram @katie_elizabeth {oopps, did it again!} then you have seen quite a few pictures of my pretty little fingers & toes lately.  I have always been a lover of nail polish and my sweet little piggies have almost always had a shade of color making them look that much cuter... but with this nail polish craze going on, which I have most definitely joined, I have surely acquired a handful{or two} of new polishes.

As you can see, I lean towards the pinks, reds, & oranges of the color spectrum.  Funny, those are the colors that show up in my closet the most too...hmmmm.  It's what goes best with my skin tone, oh but really, I'm just a girly girl.  I have never been one to pull off the bright blue and green nail polishes, but if you can, rock on ladies, rock on.  And I haven't tired glitter, or the "paint one nail a different color" thing,  my OCD will simply not let me jump on that band wagon.  I am pretty darn classic when it comes to nails, all 10 or 20 little piggies matching and sporting a beautiful hue in my favorite color wheel.  Oh, and my brands of choice are Essie & O.P.I. but am really no snob, if I like the color, I buy it.  Simple.

 I sure hope my hunny{who reads daily, such a sweetie} isn't too surprised with my growing collection of polishes.... Sorry hun!  But it is just so fun to change up your color every so often{or day...whichever.}

So along with the rest of the world, I am totally in love with this trend.  Nail polish is by far my favorite accessory so I hope this colorful craze is here to stay.

Here is what I have been wearing lately....

Have you hopped onto this trend too?? What color are you sporting right now?

Have a rockin Tuesday!

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  1. I see we have the same taste in nail polish colors! Since I live in Florida I wear the bright pinks a lot, but I also like pale pink and matte purple and teal!