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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Having your own backyard is like having your own private oasis, right in the middle of the city.  I love walking barefoot out onto the grass, checking on the garden and  seeing what new blooms have appeared that day.  Relaxing under the umbrella or in the sun, sprawled out on my favorite chaise, I savor each sweet moment, its blissful.   And either sipping my morning coffee or evening glass of wine on the patio, throwing the ball with my sweet dog, or cutting fresh roses, I feel I have my own little world to escape to.

And since I am, well, {my sweet friend,  Cait, said it best} "evading the real world indefinitely"....
I spend lots of precious time in this wonderful space....

My vegetable garden is changing daily, and I have cute little yellow flowers that will turn into sweet cherry tomatoes soon. And lately Lucy has found a new hiding place. Chris and I love it back here.  But I think my sweet Lucy girl loves it the most.

Have a wonderful Wednesday


  1. your yard is so lovely!

    it's so nice that you have a space you love.

    i swear, everything (coffee, books, wine...) is better outdoors.

  2. your backyard is so pretty!