Berry & Almond Summer salad

Thursday, May 31, 2012

This past weekend after a quintessential day at the beach, Chris and I hosted a Memorial day cookout at our house.  Having friends in town & welcoming summer back with open arms was excuse enough to celebrate, but in reality, hosting parties is something Chris and I love to do.  Opening up our home and providing way to much food is what the Stroud's are known for, and I kinda love it.   

This past weekend was no exception, on the menu:  burgers & hot dogs with all the fixen's {including chili...nothing quite like a chili dog}, watermelon, chips & dip, baked beans, pickles, summer berries, veggies & dip and a berry & almond summer salad.
I wanted to make something a little more exciting than the "normal ranch salad", and with strawberries & blueberries both being in season, I thought this was the perfect salad to accompany our burgers and dogs.
The recipe could also not be any easier!  {A little tip for when hosting a cookout, make things as easy as possible for yourself.  You want to enjoy your friends and relax with a beverage, not run around the kitchen like a mad woman missing out on all the fun....}

Romain lettuce
toasted almond slices
handful of blueberries
sliced strawberries
top with crumbled feta
Poppy seed dressing

I bought Newman's Own Poppy Seed dressing, you can make yours from scratch if that's your hearts desire, but I went for easypeasy.  And just toast the sliced almonds in a pan over medium heat for just a few minutes until the sweet but nutty aroma fills the air.  And trust me, don't skip this step, it honestly makes the salad that much better to have the almonds toasted.  You can also mix in a few spinach leaves if you want to up the anty in the healthy department.  Oh, you can make this salad a meal by adding some grilled chicken to the top! yummm.

Original recipe found here

What are some of your favorite summer salads?


  1. Yum this looks perfect! I love fruit in salads.

  2. Romain is healthy too! Sounds amazing!

  3. This looks awesome!!!