smelly trees & garden updates

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

That sickening sweet but sour smell has finally filled the air here in Virginia Beach.  Trees with white flowers, and needle like pins protruding out from every branch, are the reason for this funny smell that has graced VB with its presence.  I am not sure what their technical name is, but I have coined them "smelly trees" and we have one residing and stinking up our backyard.  Honestly, its really not that bad, I still lounge around out there as much as possible, or until I just can't take it any longer.   They also make my eyes water like crazy, ughh allergies.  

If you can get past the smell, they are actually quite pretty.  But don't get too close, hundreds and hundreds of bees are buzzing around swooping up as much pollen as they can carry.  Oh Spring.

My garden never ceases to amaze me.  More and more flowers are making themselves known each and everyday.

My vegetable & herb garden is growing up quite nicely.  As goofy as it may seem, going out to look at my garden to check the new veggies, is a very cool experience.  One I get silly excited for.  And as promised, I wanted to share with you how far my little plants have come! {very riveting stuff here people}

I have baby cherry tomatoes, bell & jalapeno peppers, and a roma tomato sprouting!  They're pretty cute, huh?

And the herb garden is growing like crazy.  I have been using the herbs in lots of recipes lately;  there is nothing quite like adding fresh herbs from your very own garden to your evening dinner.  
I am having lots of fun with this new garden experience and I sure am in love with my backyard oasis.

Sorry for the picture overload.  
Now I'm off to tend the garden....
{I'm getting old}

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