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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Have I showed you the newest edition to my obnoxious awesome purse collection??  

Pretty darn fabulous huh??
I'm in love.  Yes, in love with a purse, silly, but true. 
Perfect for summer, with the nautical looking stripes it is big enough to hold a book, sunglasses,
suntan lotion, breakfast and so much more.....
You better believe your sweet cheeks I am toting this bag with me all the way to Mexico!
If you're interested I found mine here.


the hubs told me a random fact the other day.
 He heard on the radio that a woman's purse & all the contents inside,
 is on average worth over $500 dollars....

Take mine for example:
I'm not going to give exact figures, because I think that would be a bit tasteless,
 if you're a lady who carries around a purse and stocks it full of fabulous things...then you get the idea

Inside my purse I have:
Kate Spade sunglasses, fossil wallet {with no cash inside, just plastic baby} Burt's bee's lip balm*, Summer People by Elin Hilderbrand, a notebook, hair ties, alteration's receipt, & my iPhone....

With the purse itself being around $50 you get the drift.
so ladies, please tell me your purse kinda looks like this too???

.......And for all you boys who have been told, "don't ever go through a girls purse!"
Well, its really not all that exciting in there anyways.
But still, keep out.....

over and out kittens!

*this tented lip balm is the best ever! 
 I'm not much of a lipstick fan, and I usually just wear chapstick{shocker I know} but this tented lip balm is PERFECT
 Just the right amount of casual color but with the Burt's Bee's cooling chap stick sensation.
  I may never wear lipstick again!

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