tut tut, looks like rain*

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Good morning little puddle jumpers.  I hope you have your rain-boots and umbrella handy, cause we are working on day three of clouds, thunderstorms, and rainrainrain.  See what I mean....

But not that I'm complaining, every day can't be sunny.  Without the rainy days we wouldn't be so thankful for the sunny ones.  And there really is something quite pretty about rain.  The way it makes everything around you that much greener.  The cloudy sky makes the lamp light inside glow, warming the soul and bringing a peaceful calm upon the entire house.  Wet paws and squishy flip flops are the attire and towels are draped in every corner of the house.  The birds sing sweet songs to the rain, and maybe best of all, our peppers and tomatoes are happily drinking up every drop of water they can, preparing them for future salads.

Rainy days can be quite nice after all.  But I sure am looking forward to the warm and sunny weekend ahead.

I hope you enjoy the day, however it may look like around you.


*please please tell me you knew that sweet saying is from Winnie the Pooh!

Oh! and good thoughts, positive vibes, prayers and any other positiveness sent my way 
this afternoon would be very much appreciated.   Vagueness intended, sorry kids.
  Thanks lovies!


  1. our forecast has been similar, but the rain is holding out, so we are on day 3 of 100% humidity. i kind of wish it would just go ahead and storm like crazy, it always makes for the best naps.

    thinking of you and praying for the best! xo

  2. i love this collage! so cool! is that a kittys feet i see there?