happy 1 year little blog!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Well today is a sweet day to celebrate over here in my little corner of the web.  
Life as We know it is one year old today!! 

Happy Birthday little bloggy!!

wow. what a year! 
more than 180 posts
over 9000 page views
a few blog face-lifts
over 150 sweet loving & wonderful comments
and lots and lots of new {& old} blog friends

and so so much more to look forward too! 

This little blog has come a long way, and so have I for that matter.  
Honestly, I have a bit of a hard time going back to day 1 and looking at past posts, but looking back only makes you realize how far you've come!!  I have learned a lot through this wonderful blog experience.  And I truly feel like I am becoming a better writer, picture taker, code writer, & social media extraordinaire!! {ha}
but really 
this blog adventure is one I am truly enjoying and will continue to do for many many years to come.
So a big heartfelt thank you to my faithful followers, sweet readers, and wonderful friends, family and hubby, you have made this process that much sweeter! 
a big XO to all of you!!

And in the name of,  just becasue!, lets take a peek at a few of your favorite posts from this past year....

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well kittens, this little blogger has some celebrating to do!
so until next time....


  1. Happy birthday bloggy!!!! I look so forward to reading every day and I so agree with you about going back to post number one. Oh how things change! Adorable outfit too!

  2. Happy Birthday :) Can't wait to se what the future holds for your blog!