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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

hello hello!  I'm back from a wonderfully longgggg weekend in Emerald Isle. 
 Its nice to get away sometimes....
My favorite little island is no longer sleepy, but awakened by the summer season.  Beach goers flock to Emerald Isle every year, wanting just a taste of what I grew up with.  Warm sand, seashells speckled along the beach, beautiful ocean waves that rhythmically pound the shore.   A quite coastal town where our greeting is a wave, even to strangers and being on the water isn't a luxury, but a way of life.  I'm a pretty lucky girl to have grown up here.

 Watching my brother skim on the crystal blue waves is awesome.  He's pretty talented. 

Andrew also took me on a kayak adventure.  My first in a long time, and one I will never forget.  

He taught me to face the waves head on, and how to "back paddle".  He never got annoyed at my slower pace, and he even gave me the "better paddle".  Encouraging words, laughing at silly jokes and splashing me with water is how my brother rolls.  He was a good teacher, navigator, and friend.  Gosh, I love that kid.

 And a visit to Emerald Isle isn't complete without a trip to the Aquarium.  I haven't been since my wedding there 3 years ago.  It was so {so} fun going back to see where we danced {in front of the otter tank} had dinner{near a tank full of bull sharks and red drum} and cut the cake {with seahorses and hammerheads}.  It was the perfect place to have a reception and the perfect thing to do on a cloudy Monday morning.  

My extra long weekend at the beach was also filled with the normal but wonderful rituals; of hot dog eating, marshmallow roasting, porch sitting, and as always a bit too much sun.  

But now I better go unpack, give the dog a bath, and brush off the last bits of sand from my feet.....

Enjoy your Tuesday


  1. Aw your wedding was beautiful, especially the reception at the aquarium :) I bet it was fun to go back and reminisce your special day!