think happy. be happy.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Good morning sweet ones and happy June.  It sure does seem like, at least to me, that this year is flying on by. But I guess that is the funny thing about time, she never stands still.  The days, weeks, months they keep on coming, even through triumph or tragedy.  She doesn't stop, she keeps up her rhythm, she's dependable that way.  

So here we are saying hello to sweet summertime again and typical me, I am excited for all the happy things June will bring.  She happens to be my favorite summer month after all.  I am sure she won't disappoint this year.  This June brings with her: our anniversary{3 wonderful years}, an unplanned motorcycle adventure, a toy store reunion 20 years in the making, my blog anniversary and maybe the first giveaway!,  and my first god child will be born. Which I am silly excited and a little nervous for.  Our sweet friends, baby boy will be arriving {hopefully} next week.  The first baby in our group of friends, oh this little guy is gonna be spoiled.  I can just see it now.  

I really love looking forward to all the fun, exciting things that bring about happiness, because really the opposite of that would be thinking of all the unhappy things...and my friends that is no fun.  But life is well, life.  There is sadness, negativity, hopelessness, all around.  But today I choose to be happy.  And sometimes, that choice, makes all the difference....

What choice will you make today?

Enjoy your Friday & 
have a happy weekend!

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