unplanned weekends

Monday, June 25, 2012

Today during our morning routine, in the midst of coffee making and letting Lucy out, Chris said to me,

"It felt like such a long weekend! It was great."

That guy, he makes me smile.  And even though it was the normal 2 day weekend, it did feel long, wonderfully long. And as we recalled all that we did,  it made me realize, we sure do pack it in there!  We try and take every moment and fill it with something; making great memories while enjoying our simple little life and living it to the fullest....

Thunderstorm napping, pizza & movie watching on a Friday night, lazy Saturday morning, 
lunch and showing off our city to Chris' parents who came for a visit, 
an "interesting" airplane museum venture, the perfect evening for grilling, 
big Sunday morning breakfast,
more laziness on Sunday morning "that lasted all afternoon", 
visiting friends & lots of baby holding, 
and a relaxing Sunday evening of leftovers & lots of TV watching

I find it funny that I truly love & enjoy the "unplanned" weekends the most....

How was your weekend?
And who's ready for the next?!?



  1. I love weekends like this... they are the best!

  2. We had an unplanned weekend too for the most part, it was so nice doing whatever, whenever the moment arrived!