two down, one to go

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our Summer days have been full and evenings fun, and we still have one more glorious month of this season to go.  I am ready to enjoy every last minute of it.  
How about you?
sweet summertime....
I think I love you.


every little thing

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Thanks Bob Marley, 
I needed that sweet reminder today....

Happy Saturday!


let the games begin

Friday, July 27, 2012

hello hello & Happy Friday!  Looking forward to the weekend, we're staying in town and hoping to get a lot of relaxing & a little yard-work done.  I am going out on the town {or the oceanfront} on Saturday with a fun group of ladies for a girls night out {GNO} and I'm just hoping to make it back alive....

But tonight, I am so excited to watch the opening ceremonies and see the Olympic games begin! 
Are you as in love with the Olympics as I am??  I don't know what it is, maybe its the patriotism, the anticipation, the rivalries, the competition, the pride.   There is something magical about the Olympics and the way it brings about an air of unity to all nations competing. Its a time where we put aside issues, controversies, and politics, where we just compete together testing our skills, bringing out champions and highlighting unknown stars.

The Olympics is just one of the millions of times I am so proud to be an American, rooting for my country to go all the way. These 2012 Olympic games are going to spectacular, I can just feel it.  There are more woman on the US Olympic team than men, for the first time ever!  And if Michael Phelps wins just 3 more medals of any color he will be the most decorated Olympian of all time!  The US basketball team is said to be the "dream team" and is once again coached by the best coach of all time {Duke's head coach, Mike Krzyzewski}.  

So for the next couple of weeks our TV will broadcast nothing the Olympic games and I will be cheering my heart out for the country I love so much.

Go USA!!! 

What are you most looking forward to about the Olympics?  

until next time,
Happy weekend!


Caprese Salad

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I would definitely say my very first vegetable garden has been a success . At this point in the summer season there are Roma & cherry tomatoes ripening and falling off their vines daily.  It's very exciting picking and eating something homegrown from your own backyard!  We have experimented with our tomatoes a bit but our tried and true favorite way to eat them would be in a Caprese Salad.
Roma & cherry tomatoes sliced
Handful fresh basil leaves
Fresh mozzarella
Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing {I use Ken's Steakhouse brand}
dash of salt & pepper

I purposely didn't put any measurements because for this dish I just like to eyeball everything.  Honestly, that's how I most often cook,  I think the food tastes better that way....{most of the time}
I slice the tomatoes and put them in a sallow serving dish or pie plate{use what you've got}.   Add the diced basil & fresh mozzarella, then drizzle or drench {however much you like} with the Balsamic vinaigrette, sprinkle with salt and fresh ground pepper, and voila! Caprese Salad!  Such an easy dish, but oh so fresh and delicious.  We eat this for lunch, late night snack, and as a side dish at dinner.  

What are some of your favorite ways to eat tomatoes?
I would love to know!


dog days of summer

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lucy is taking full advantage of season by soaking up every summer moment. 
 These are the couch napping, grass rolling, patio sitting, ball chasing, window watching, 
& best friend snuggling dog days of summer.

Oh, this sweet animal sure makes me smile.  

a monday post

Monday, July 23, 2012

hello have been dragging along quite nicely today, probably because I was ready for the evening by 8 o'clock this morning.  Dinner, couch lounging, & pawn stars, that my friends is our normal monday night, and I love it.  The monday after a full weekend is always a hard one, and by hard, I mean sleepy.  I am just so so tired today; I guess busy traveling weekends will do that to you.

A quick little trip up to Lynchburg, Virginia on Saturday to see our godson be baptized on Sunday.  We stayed at the Craddock Terry hotel in downtown Lynchburg and let me tell you, it was amazing.  An old shoe factory turned luxury hotel, decorated to the nines with shoes fashion, paintings, & decor, a delicious complimentary breakfast left at your door in the morning, and a spa bathroom simply to die for.  Not to mention beautiful mountain views, original brick walls and a great restaurant with even better drinks.  Unfortunately, I don't have too many pictures to show for it, but it was a wonderful place to stay.  If you visit the area, stay at this gem of a hotel, it doesn't disappoint!

Other little weekend delights....
A dog who knows her place, and our crape myrtle in full bloom.  Actually we have 3 huge crape myrtle trees in our backyard; with pink petals carpeting the over-grown grass, it definitely feels like summertime, and I love it.

Our full weekends seem to have finally caught up with me, and I am in full bum mode.  After a little r&r with the hubs and the pup tonight, I am hoping to make a full recovery and take on the rest of the week in full force.  And be ready for another, fun, unplanned, chocked full, weekend.


sunflower season

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hello beautiful! Aren't sunflowers just so cheerful.  They bring with them a smile even on dreary days just like today.  How can one look at sunflower and not smile. Pretty impossible my friends, pretty impossible. 
Happy Saturday!


currently reading

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I love to read.  Sitting down with a good book, is my escape.  Venturing to new places in my mind, hearing new words, phrases and discovering complex characters is probably what I like best about reading.  I like how even though I have never been to some of these places: Nantucket, Louisiana, Paris;  they become familiar to me through the detailed words and descriptions that author has to deliciously described. 

Currently on my nightstand{or in my beachbag} is Elin Hinderbrand's latest novel, Summerland

It's a wonderful read, just like all her others, taking place on Nantucket.  An island I will most certainly have to visit in my lifetime.  The salty summertime air seems to waft out from each page; she seems to capture the daily rhythm and magic of island life, that I have come to love and know so well.  I simply get lost in these pages. 

I am more than halfway done, so I am beginning to slightly panic.  My book hangover will  commence after I am done with Summerland, but after a short rehab I will need something else literary to devour.... 

And I simply don't know what to read next!? So I wanted to see if you had any suggestions? Is there anything great you have read lately?  {I'm sorry, but please none of this "shades of gray" nonsense.}  And is the Hunger Games really all its cracked up to be?  I'm a fiction girl, to me there is nothing like a classic, and I love a sappy romance novel just like the next girl.  So get at me! Tell me what is on your nightstand. I would love to hear! 

on my mind....

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

tea kettle is on
hello wednesday
hoping this pot of tea brings with it a smile
feeling unusually doleful today
why do I let certain people's words affect me so
I'm too sensitive. And a pushover.
I wish there was a remedy for that.
Tried reading outside to cure my doldrums
its too hot
but I do love summertime, it might be my favorite season
nope, I take that back, I like them all.
unedited, unpublished, drafts, drafts, drafts.
lots of thoughts but no words. 
scared of never being a good writer,
I try to not be like the rest
don't sellout. be inspired. be you.
Must be productive today
lists, lists, lists,
darnit, why do those hurtful words keep coming back
If talking to yourself is strange, than you can call me Doc Brown
Back to the Future reference, sorry. syfy nerd girl here
fold laundry, wash dog, get car inspected
let's see how long I can drag that one out
its almost been a year.
Chris' birthday is soon, how old will he be?
that's sad I don't know. 26 or 27.
wow, I feel old,  but in the next breath I'm still a kid
ready or not? that is the question.
I wish I would just know.
Thought I would have everything figured out by now
not sure if that ever happens.
Its deliciously cool inside, I think I might stay here all day.
whistle whistle whistle, tea time.

{I like this.}
your turn

Post inspired by soliloquy, trying it out myself & hoping this cures my word block
Taking my time to slow down, relax my mind, and let the traffic jam cease. 
 Thank you sweet friend.

word block

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Good morning friends.  Do you ever go through periods of time where writer's block completely engulfs you?  Where you have all these great and  inspiring thoughts but the words, oh the words, just simply escape you??  When you need to have a tab open just to complete a blog post.  Maybe its not writer's block per-say, since my head is actually filled with ideas, I am just not able to form words to those maybe its really word block, instead.

As you can tell that is defintley how I am feeling today.  Actually, I have had a hard time finding words and completeing thougts, much less sentences for the past few days.  And it is getting pretty frustrating.  All I want is to sit down and write, have the words flow and come easy, but alas, all I am able to do is type a sentence only to reread then reread again and again, only to end up hitting delete delete delete....  or I sit and ponder one word for over 5 minutes.  I search and search my brain for the right description, the write way to express how I truly feel,  but it's like I have hit a wall, a big red brick wall.   You know when you have a word {or thought} on the tip of your tongue {or brain} and you think hard, really really hard, just to try and remember it?  That is kinda what this word block thing feels like to me...

Even now writing this is post is feeling just utterly impossible.  {Anyone still reading??} The ideas and inspirations are flowing but the words are not.  And I simply refuse to write and not do my ideas and inspirations justice.  So for now you just get this.  A rambling and slightly unedited post, just to get some of these thoughts out and into the open.

And so if I am not able to give you sophisticated words and put-together thoughts, then I ought to just give you a beautiful picture collage of instagram life lately pictures....

flowers & morning brew
new computers at work
princess duties
beach view

Here's to hoping these words start to flowing....
cute poet

Enjoy the day! 

holiWEEK in NC

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

After our relaxing, mid week 4th of July holiday, Chris went back to work{somebody's got to} so I decided to spend the rest of my holiWEEK in NC!  

spending time with cousins who were visiting from out of town, 
stopping at my favorite local produce stand, visiting with my grandpa, 
lots of bike riding & dog walking,
 games of scrabble and kayaking with little brother, homemade pizza making, 
bathing suit shopping, 
movie night with my sister, beach reading, 
& many morning coffee chats with mom & dad 

and ya'll, 
we seriously found the cutest thing ever hiding near our house......a baby raccoon! 
this little guy was maybe the highlight of my trip, not at all because my visit home was boring, 
but because this little guy was just that cute!! 
am I right, or am I right!?! 
cutest. thing. ever. 
{he may or may not be my screensaver on my phone}

Another wonderful visit on my favorite little island.  
Until next time NC! 
and for some sweet friends who I didn't get to see, I'm so sorry.  
I wish I could have stayed longer or multiplied myself, either or. 


Happy Wednesday
Let's all be kind & love one another.


Oh glorious rain,
 you make me want to stay in my pj's, snuggle up with a movie, hot tea, & my pup.
I think I love you. 


the 4th

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This was the first year in a long time where we weren't traveling to or hosting a 4th of July weekend get-together with our wonderful friends.  I think it had to do with the funky placement of the holiday falling on a Wednesday.  So our 4th of July was rather relaxing and low key, which was just perfect.

We went over to our friends {the Honeycutt's} and took advantage of their pool!  Oh glorious pool.  It was a hot one, probably around 130 degrees, ok not really, but it definitely felt like it.  We stayed in the water most of the time; floating on rafts, having dive contests & noodle fights, diving for pool toys, and drinking summertime drinks with colorful straws; yes, very "grown-up" things indeed.

I think having friends with a pool is pretty much the best thing ever.  It is probably where we will be spending a lot of these hottt summer days, hope the Honeycutt's don't mind....

This year Chris and I decided not to venture out and join the masses to see the fireworks.  Instead, we sat in our backyard and watched the neighbors shoot off theirs.  They were some pretty legit fireworks and I loved them.  I always feel like a kid "oooing" and "ahhhing", but I think that is part of the whole experience.  I could sit there for hours and watch the sky light up with colorful sparks.  Its another one of my favorite things about summer.  
After the backyard show, Chris and I rode our bikes around the neighborhood stopping at a small public park right on the water.  We sat on the dock and watched firework shows from the Norfolk waterfront & Mt. Trashmore in Virginia Beach.  It was wonderful and romantic.  

We ended the day on the couch with a bowl popcorn and homemade caprese salad{with garden tomatoes}; falling asleep to the sound of lingering booms.  It was a great 4th of July. 

A few more pictures of our 4th via Instagram (follow @katie_elizabeth)

A true American holiday filled with hot dogs, motorcycle riding, fireworks, good drinks, and great company.  
I hope you had a wonderful 4th! 

with the words of a love song...

Monday, July 9, 2012

the Lord is close to the brokenhearted 
and saves those who are crushed in spirit...
-Psalm 34:18 

my heart is aching. 
this world is full of sadness and things we just don't understand.... 

I came back to Virginia yesterday, after a fun time spent with family, to such sad and devastating news.  A sweet friend, wife, and mother went up to heaven yesterday.  We weren't the closest of friends, but we have sat next to each other in the movies, chatted about holding sweet babies, and has given me many welcoming hugs of friendship and love.  We have been at the same parties, get-togethers, Bible study's, and Easter celebrations.  Melissa, was beautiful woman, wife & mother who, I simply cannot believe, is no longer here.  Her husband and 3 sweet children are brokenhearted.  

I want to share my happy pictures and words from my days at the beach, but right now I just can't.  

So if you have a moment and find it in your heart, please send a sweet prayer up to heaven for her husband, children, family, and friends who greatly miss such an amazing woman.  

I can remember nothing but wonderful things about her.  
She had such an infectious smile and spirit, 
truly a beautiful person inside and out.   

if I die young, bury me in satin,
lay me down on a bed of roses
sink me in the river at dawn
send me away with the words of a love song

the sharp knife of a short life
well, i've had just enough time


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!! 
I hope you all have a spectacular Independence day!  

I am so proud to be an American.
This truly is the "land of the free because of the brave."   
Now lets go soak up the sun, grill something delicious, and light stuff on fire!  

After today, Lucy and I will be heading to Emerald Isle for the rest of the week/weekend.  
Spending time with family and friends on my favorite little island is the best way in the world I can think of to celebrate summer.  
Until next time....

and adventure....

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The grass didn't get cut, the weeds didn't get pulled and other chores were left by the wayside; 
but this weekend was full of better things. Things like memories & adventure.

We dined on grilled seafood & fresh mojitos Saturday night.  Cracked open crab legs with any tool that was handy and enjoyed fresh summer melon, asparagus, and corn on the cob.  It was superb.  Chris also made charbroiled oysters.  I sure do love a man who can cook.  And what is it about a charcoal grill that makes everything taste better? 

Chris has been dying to go kite surfing this year and Sunday my man got his wish.  The winds on the outer banks of North Carolina were perfect so we took advantage of the day and headed down highway 12.  

Highway 12 is two lanes of sandy road sandwiched between the Atlantic ocean and the intercoastal waterway.  Bridges, ferries and this two lane highway connect each beautiful beach town to each other.  The seclusion as well as sleepy island life is part of what make the outer banks of North Carolina so popular, and to me so magical.  
After a few hours of backseat driving, one toll, devouring an entire sub, and a pit stop at the Brew Threw we made it to Rodanthe.  

The boys{Chris & David} set up and got ready to fly, while I found a perfectly seasoned Adirondack chair, sat down and enjoyed the view.
This sport is both dangerous & beautiful at the same time, which is why Chris loves it.  I am very proud and in awe of him, he never seems to be scared.  He just gets in the water and lets the kite take him back and forth down the the sound. 

Before leaving Rodanthe, and just as the clouds were darkening, we decided to stop by the beach.  Swimming in the warm ocean and having the entire beach to ourselves while watching the storm roll in was just beautiful, and adventurous.  

It was such an amazing day.  
I feel so blessed and thankful to live in this wonderful place.

and here are a few more pictures of our seaside inspired weekend captured by instagram
 (follow me @katie_elizabeth)

I sure do hope your weekend was filled with the spirit of summer & adventure....
until next time....