on my mind....

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

tea kettle is on
hello wednesday
hoping this pot of tea brings with it a smile
feeling unusually doleful today
why do I let certain people's words affect me so
I'm too sensitive. And a pushover.
I wish there was a remedy for that.
Tried reading outside to cure my doldrums
its too hot
but I do love summertime, it might be my favorite season
nope, I take that back, I like them all.
unedited, unpublished, drafts, drafts, drafts.
lots of thoughts but no words. 
scared of never being a good writer,
I try to not be like the rest
don't sellout. be inspired. be you.
Must be productive today
lists, lists, lists,
darnit, why do those hurtful words keep coming back
If talking to yourself is strange, than you can call me Doc Brown
Back to the Future reference, sorry. syfy nerd girl here
fold laundry, wash dog, get car inspected
let's see how long I can drag that one out
its almost been a year.
Chris' birthday is soon, how old will he be?
that's sad I don't know. 26 or 27.
wow, I feel old,  but in the next breath I'm still a kid
ready or not? that is the question.
I wish I would just know.
Thought I would have everything figured out by now
not sure if that ever happens.
Its deliciously cool inside, I think I might stay here all day.
whistle whistle whistle, tea time.

{I like this.}
your turn

Post inspired by soliloquy, trying it out myself & hoping this cures my word block
Taking my time to slow down, relax my mind, and let the traffic jam cease. 
 Thank you sweet friend.


  1. I loved Caitlin's post, and I love yours. :) Hope you're having a great week, Katie!

  2. Love this & you.

    (sometimes 4 words are enough)