word block

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Good morning friends.  Do you ever go through periods of time where writer's block completely engulfs you?  Where you have all these great and  inspiring thoughts but the words, oh the words, just simply escape you??  When you need to have a  thesaurus.com tab open just to complete a blog post.  Maybe its not writer's block per-say, since my head is actually filled with ideas, I am just not able to form words to those ideas....so maybe its really word block, instead.

As you can tell that is defintley how I am feeling today.  Actually, I have had a hard time finding words and completeing thougts, much less sentences for the past few days.  And it is getting pretty frustrating.  All I want is to sit down and write, have the words flow and come easy, but alas, all I am able to do is type a sentence only to reread then reread again and again, only to end up hitting delete delete delete....  or I sit and ponder one word for over 5 minutes.  I search and search my brain for the right description, the write way to express how I truly feel,  but it's like I have hit a wall, a big red brick wall.   You know when you have a word {or thought} on the tip of your tongue {or brain} and you think hard, really really hard, just to try and remember it?  That is kinda what this word block thing feels like to me...

Even now writing this is post is feeling just utterly impossible.  {Anyone still reading??} The ideas and inspirations are flowing but the words are not.  And I simply refuse to write and not do my ideas and inspirations justice.  So for now you just get this.  A rambling and slightly unedited post, just to get some of these thoughts out and into the open.

And so if I am not able to give you sophisticated words and put-together thoughts, then I ought to just give you a beautiful picture collage of instagram life lately pictures....

flowers & morning brew
new computers at work
princess duties
beach view

Here's to hoping these words start to flowing....
cute poet

Enjoy the day! 


  1. don't let it get you down, it happens to the best of us. i like to believe it's the burden of being insanely creative... it's just a traffic jam of ideas in your head. :) take some time to slow down & relax, do the things you love, and before you know it traffic will start flowing again

  2. I've been there, too. It's frustrating... especially when you already have pictures lined up to post!