worried mind

Friday, August 31, 2012

hi there.  so you might have thought I was in mexico this week since you didn't hear much from my little corner of the web?  but no, 8 more days until we leave for paradise. {can I start packing yet?!?}   But the reason for my absence?  well, honestly I have been in a bit of a funk lately, and I'm not sure why.  I haven't had much to say, so not much was said.  I'm working on finding peace, having a calm mind and easing away troubled, restless, & obscure thoughts.  I've been doing lots of yoga.

anxiety is one of those mean monsters that pop up out of nowhere, so unexpected but yet so debilitating.  its haunting, the way that it lurks in the background, waiting to creep into your thoughts, consuming not just your mind but your body.  difficult to understand, but even more impossible to explain.  

so the yoga, lots of dog walks, phone calls to mom, long talks with God and a few less cups of coffee are all helping to remedy my worried mind....at least for now.

talking about things sure does help.  thank you friends, for listening.

on my mind

Friday, August 24, 2012

surviving off 4 hours of sleep today
why you ask? why indeed. 
sour thoughts to go with my sour stomach
and droopy eyes
sleeping dog, cloudy skies, warm mug of tea, 
its a cozy kind of morning
lists, plans, and trivial ideas; daily monotony 
helping to sweep the pivotal thoughts under the rug
I've always been good at sweeping
only 9 lines of purging, but it helps, oh does it ever.
oh, that helps too.  
sometimes I would rather write than talk, is that weird?
blank pages are listening ears and non judgmental friends
they get it, they get me.
books.poems.song lyrics
the ones about love are always my favorite
I survived on the breath that you finish with
no words will describe anything more perfectly
oh, I love you, so truly madly deeply
sometimes its intoxicating, overwhelming
where do you end and I begin?
powerful, life-changing, young love.
last sip of tea, and I'm ready for a nap....

your turn.
Go here  and read Cait's, she's great. 

happy friday & enjoy the weekend.

oh, mexico

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Counting down the days until we leave for paradise, we're at 16.
Excited is an understatement.

Oh, mexico
I never really been but I'd sure like to go
Oh, mexico
I guess Ill have to go now.....
James Taylor

on repeat.....preparing us for tranquil relaxation, mexico style....
take it away james....

hello wednesday

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

good morning world, good morning coffee.

Lucy's morning outings are getting to be a little annoying/pompous lately.  You see, she doesn't want to get her feet wet, she likes her dainty little white paws as dry as can be.{who does she think she is} Conclusion: she gets picked up and plopped into the grass, does her business and high tails{pun intended} it back inside to rub said paws and face on my creamy colored couch.  thanks.
I'm trying to stay busy this week, but its hard.  When spending time with your bestfriend/husband is the highlight of the day, it makes for bluesy evenings when he's out of town.  Write, read, walk, make tea, lunch with friend, mow grass, run, watch a movie, snuggle with dog.  All things I love, but are slightly less exciting when you know you will making dinner for one.
Autumn is coming, she is knocking ever so softly on summer's door, but still I can hear her.  Looking forward to another season; but truly I love them all.  Its back to school time with bouquets of newly sharpened pencils, and the delicious smell of scotch tape.  Oh, and pumpkins, apples, boots and leaves.   This season sure does bring back an air of consistence and routine, one that summer and all her chaos simply lacks.
Letting creativity flow and pushing the monster of self-doubt away.  New ideas and old ones too, resurfacing. The old but  faithful saying from some wise soul, "there is no time like the present".  One life to live, and one too many regrets already.  Listen to God and pursue, for you never know what will happen, unless you try.....

hello wednesday.

loneliness tactics

Friday, August 17, 2012

hello sweet friends, and hey there friday!   Lately, the hubs has been working a lot.  Early mornings, late nights, and if he does happen to make it home for dinner he falls asleep on the couch 5 minutes into shark week.  August and September are the worst, and I have to admit, I'll be glad when these months are over.   He is such a hard working man, and I am so proud of him for all he has accomplished. He's going places, that guy...and I'm just glad I get to tag along for the ride.....

So lately, I have been doing what any normal lonely girl whose husband isn't home would do......

snuggling away my loneliness with Lucy, at-home pedicures with jammies on by 8 o'clock, 
a little shopping therapy, and more frozen yogurt than I would like to admit......
 necklace found here & toes sporting essie peach daiquiri 

The weekends are nice though & I am thankful Chris hasn't had to work too many of them this year.  I always look forward to our weekend time; we are hoping to grill out and spend time with friends and family as our summer is slowly fading away and turning into fall....

*side note:  I feel guilty for even missing my husband for only 2 months out of the year when he is working a lot.  My husband is not in the military and I have absolutely no idea how it would feel to have him gone for months on end or even for over a year.  So to all of the dedicated men and women who endure so much more loneliness than I ever have to, I am simply in awe of you.  You are the embodiment of strength and perseverance.  You serve our country just as much as the men and women whom you love do.  So thank you.

I hope you all have a
 Happy Weekend! 

bon appetit!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thank you google for reminding me that today would be Mrs. Julia Child's 100th birthday!  Such a wise, hardworking, and passionate woman; the love she had for her husband as well as food is simply enough for me to fall madly in love with her.  

But her words, yes they too are almost as good as her boeuf-bourguignon ....well almost. 

bon appetit! 

Oh, and I am so grateful for such sweet friends, thank you to the moon and back for your insightful words regarding my desire for change....Of course I will let you know what I decide, but for now I am going to sit on this idea for a little longer.


images found here and here

simply inspired*

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

......some things have got me to thinking lately....and I'm just not able to make this decision on my own....so I was hoping I could have a little help from some wonderful friends who I know will understand.....

This blogging thing is pretty cool, but I must say it is definitely a learning process, kinda like life.  I am wanting to figure out what my blog is truly all about.  Yes, its about our life, but to me its so{so} much more than that.  It is about writing, about inspiration, about fashion, about the seasons,  its about baking, time with friends, dog walks, and learning life lessons.  Its about my faith, my love for my husband and dog, its about my passions, dreams and goals.  I like to think this blog is a way for me to become a better writer, and well, a better person.  Some days I am moody, and some days I am freakishly happy.  My writing most often depends on my mood, good or bad, that is the kind of person & writer that I am.
I am learning what blogging truly means to me, and honestly who I'm doing it for.  My conclusion, well is simple, I'm writing for me.  I will write about what inspires me, I will be true to who I am and not write a post "just because" I'm supposed to.   I may not write every day; because I firmly believe in living life and experiencing it, not just sitting around waiting for it to happen.  Live in the moment and enjoy it.
So my sweet friends, I am in the mood to change things up, and with all this introspective thinking comes an epiphany.  I want to change the name of my blog.  I'm not in love with the current title, I think it is pretty generic, vague, and truly not fulfilling what my blog is all about.  So tell me what you think.  Good idea or bad?  Please tell me honestly, your opinions mean the world to me.

I am so thankful for great friends and writers who inspire & help me stay true to the kind of person and writer that I am and hope to be.

quotes via


Friday, August 10, 2012

Last Friday I had the awesome privilege of babysitting my godson for a few hours.  Oh, and yes, Lucy helped too.  It was a good experience, for well, all three of us {me, baby, & Lucy}.  I learned things like dancing and singing to Bob Marley's "no woman no cry" helps get a fussy baby to sleep, that burping is actually fun & pretty darn cute, and naked time{no clothes just diaper} is really the best time in the world.
Oh yeah, this little guy is definitely that cute! and that skin!!! oh goodness. Is there anything better than chubby baby legs???

Getting a sweet babe to fall asleep in your arms may not be the easiest task, but when you finally do, you feel like a queen.  And making funny faces is definitely part of the crazy aunt/best babysitter description, right?! Oh, and Lucy well, she learned how to share.....well...sort of...
Baby sitting was fun, but let me tell you, I don't know how you mom's do it!?  When do you shower? When do you pee!!?  I was so exhausted after only 3 hours,  Lucy and I even had to take a nap on the couch after our eventful morning.  So for all those who may be wondering, {or betting on when I'm getting pregnant} please know I am perfectly content in being the silly god-mom/aunt/best babysitter for a long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long time.  Get my drift!? ;)

Happy Friday chickadees! && have a fabulous weekend!  We will be doing a little celebrating seeing as it is my sexy husbands birthday tomorrow.  Not much in store, just dancing on tables, staying up until dawn, and taking the city by storm; you know the usual.....


a toast to life, loves, and long lasting friendships

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

oh hey there! I know you were worried, but yes, I did survive Girls weekend 2012; although I did need a full 24 hours of sleep to recuperate.  But boy oh boy, did we have fun!
Seeing as this is the only picture I took the entire weekend, rightly shows just how awesome our weekend truly was....

I know, I know big time #bloggerfail, some ladies did take pictures, so hopefully once I get them I will show you we actually did do something other than drink margaritas....like drink vodka redbulls..... kidding! ......not.

But in all honesty, these friendships are truly one of the most precious things in my life.  I know these ladies will always be there for me to listen, laugh and tell me when I being ridiculous.  To believe in me, to support me, and encourage me.  We all have our own lives, and most of us live hours from one another; but if one of us makes the call, we will all come running.

Cheers ladies, 
to the good times and the bad, to our loves, life, and long lasting friendships. 
I love you.


Other sweet things happening lately.....

a) planting new flowers adds color to my garden and a smile on to face
b) first time baby sitting sessions {more on that soon!}
c) the best cake batter rice crispy treats ever {recipe found here}
d) snuggle time with my pup is always the best

I sure hope this week is treating you nicely. Lots of rain for us so far, which makes for green grass, 
wet paws, and squishy flip flops.  
Happy Tuesday!


Girls weekend 2012

Friday, August 3, 2012

Hey sweet thanggs! Happy Friday! Happy Weekend! Happiness all around.  Why so happy this morning you ask?  I am bursting with excitement because some of my favorite ladies in the whole wide world are coming into town for the weekend! {I am lucky enough to have one of those lovely ladies live 15 minutes away!}  So I've officially dubbed this weekend "Girls Weekend 2012" {very clever I know..}and I can't wait to spend our time laughing, dressing up, drinking margaritas, and doing the thing that girls do best...talking!!

The house is clean, snacks are made, grass is mowed, fridge is full, and drinks are chilled! Lucy and I are ready to get this party started!  Can't wait to see these wonderful ladies tonight!!

Left to Right: Jess, Ally, me, Sara, Aubrey
Left to Right: Jess, Stephanie, me, Ally, Sarah

Whatever you do this weekend I hope you live it to the fullest! 


going for gold

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So who else is having a hard time prying their eyes away from all this amazing Olympic's coverage?  I actually feel bad turning the TV off when I leave the house or go to work.  I feel a pang of anxiety and worry that I might miss something super amazing {like the fab 5 wining Gold the other night, yeah, I fell asleep}.  And it might seem like I'm not being productive, but really you're watching history in the making, so my 6+ hours of television watching is justified, right??  

The swimming is my favorite, but volleyball, gymnastics, and diving are right up there too.  And who knew that water polo, ping pong, & archery were Olympic sports?! And let me tell you, if crying every single time the national anthem is played isn't true patriotism, then I don't know what is?  Yes folks, that is me, a big Olympic cry baby.  Maybe that could be a new sport!! I would definitely win.
This is definitely Lucy and my favorite spot for Olympic watching.  We for sure get the gold in "couch snuggling".  

Hoping you're all losing as much sleep & being as lazy as I am during these 2012 Olympic Games!  
Happy Olympics!