a toast to life, loves, and long lasting friendships

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

oh hey there! I know you were worried, but yes, I did survive Girls weekend 2012; although I did need a full 24 hours of sleep to recuperate.  But boy oh boy, did we have fun!
Seeing as this is the only picture I took the entire weekend, rightly shows just how awesome our weekend truly was....

I know, I know big time #bloggerfail, some ladies did take pictures, so hopefully once I get them I will show you we actually did do something other than drink margaritas....like drink vodka redbulls..... kidding! ......not.

But in all honesty, these friendships are truly one of the most precious things in my life.  I know these ladies will always be there for me to listen, laugh and tell me when I being ridiculous.  To believe in me, to support me, and encourage me.  We all have our own lives, and most of us live hours from one another; but if one of us makes the call, we will all come running.

Cheers ladies, 
to the good times and the bad, to our loves, life, and long lasting friendships. 
I love you.


Other sweet things happening lately.....

a) planting new flowers adds color to my garden and a smile on to face
b) first time baby sitting sessions {more on that soon!}
c) the best cake batter rice crispy treats ever {recipe found here}
d) snuggle time with my pup is always the best

I sure hope this week is treating you nicely. Lots of rain for us so far, which makes for green grass, 
wet paws, and squishy flip flops.  
Happy Tuesday!



  1. You know it's a blast when you're having too much fun to pull out the camera! (Vodka and Red Bull?! That is hard core! Hahaha.)

  2. so glad you had a wonderful time! erin & lauren are coming to emerald isle friday and i cannot wait to have some girl time, i've seriously been craving it!!