hello wednesday

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

good morning world, good morning coffee.

Lucy's morning outings are getting to be a little annoying/pompous lately.  You see, she doesn't want to get her feet wet, she likes her dainty little white paws as dry as can be.{who does she think she is} Conclusion: she gets picked up and plopped into the grass, does her business and high tails{pun intended} it back inside to rub said paws and face on my creamy colored couch.  thanks.
I'm trying to stay busy this week, but its hard.  When spending time with your bestfriend/husband is the highlight of the day, it makes for bluesy evenings when he's out of town.  Write, read, walk, make tea, lunch with friend, mow grass, run, watch a movie, snuggle with dog.  All things I love, but are slightly less exciting when you know you will making dinner for one.
Autumn is coming, she is knocking ever so softly on summer's door, but still I can hear her.  Looking forward to another season; but truly I love them all.  Its back to school time with bouquets of newly sharpened pencils, and the delicious smell of scotch tape.  Oh, and pumpkins, apples, boots and leaves.   This season sure does bring back an air of consistence and routine, one that summer and all her chaos simply lacks.
Letting creativity flow and pushing the monster of self-doubt away.  New ideas and old ones too, resurfacing. The old but  faithful saying from some wise soul, "there is no time like the present".  One life to live, and one too many regrets already.  Listen to God and pursue, for you never know what will happen, unless you try.....

hello wednesday.

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  1. My pup refused to walk on wet grass! They eat bugs but won't take a few steps onto a wet lawn, so strange.

    Glad to hear he's not the only one.