loneliness tactics

Friday, August 17, 2012

hello sweet friends, and hey there friday!   Lately, the hubs has been working a lot.  Early mornings, late nights, and if he does happen to make it home for dinner he falls asleep on the couch 5 minutes into shark week.  August and September are the worst, and I have to admit, I'll be glad when these months are over.   He is such a hard working man, and I am so proud of him for all he has accomplished. He's going places, that guy...and I'm just glad I get to tag along for the ride.....

So lately, I have been doing what any normal lonely girl whose husband isn't home would do......

snuggling away my loneliness with Lucy, at-home pedicures with jammies on by 8 o'clock, 
a little shopping therapy, and more frozen yogurt than I would like to admit......
 necklace found here & toes sporting essie peach daiquiri 

The weekends are nice though & I am thankful Chris hasn't had to work too many of them this year.  I always look forward to our weekend time; we are hoping to grill out and spend time with friends and family as our summer is slowly fading away and turning into fall....

*side note:  I feel guilty for even missing my husband for only 2 months out of the year when he is working a lot.  My husband is not in the military and I have absolutely no idea how it would feel to have him gone for months on end or even for over a year.  So to all of the dedicated men and women who endure so much more loneliness than I ever have to, I am simply in awe of you.  You are the embodiment of strength and perseverance.  You serve our country just as much as the men and women whom you love do.  So thank you.

I hope you all have a
 Happy Weekend! 


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  2. Yeah sometimes I feel that way too, but then I think about people who never get to spend time with their significant other :(

    P.s. Ben & Jerry's Greek Frozen Yogurt is my new favorite! I like the Raspberry Fudge Chunk!